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Capelons – Hunting day

The prey easily fell. The great predator showed its fangs as a twisted grin while its dark claw slashed the fallen victim once again. Blood splattered around and the prey gave its last, void gaze to the predator that killed it. The claw pressed the dead body against the ground, as the predator lowered its head to taste its trophy.

Then, something hit it in the back of its head. The beast turned to face whoever was stupid enough to even touch it. The blow was merely a little push, but interrupting the predator in its own feast was enough to make it angry. Disturbing such creature of long sharpen teeth was a serious mistake no one in their mind would dare to make.

And then, another light hit, seemingly coming from nowhere. The monster turned again, but no one was there. And another blow made it turn to the other side. And this lasted for a while, confused with these invisible hits. Each time the beast turned, its rage grew... until it exploded.

It knew there was someone making fun of it. Sure, its eyes showed nothing, but its smell told it of the prankster. Or pranksters, as it caught the scent of at least two individuals. And so, the beast tackled whatever should be in front of it, and its fangs just chew nothing but air. Even angrier than before, the beast run in circles, following the scent and then run away from its prey, as the smell went that way... until the predator lost it.

Frustrated after a failed purchase, the beast turned back to where its food should be... only to find that the dead animal was no longer there. Believing its eyes to fool it, the beast run to the spot where the prey was, only to discover its blood. Nothing but blood. The great predator roared with full rage.

Many feet away from that particular spot, the dead animal was silently floating in the air. Slowly, two creatures, made by large masses of fleshy yellow-green threads, appeared, as their camouflage wore off in the safety the distance gave them. These two Capelon hunters were careful no to spill the dead body's blood. No tracks should be left.

"We are acting nowhere near real hunters," one of the Capelons said, although no one would be sure how they could even speak.

"Maybe we have been opportunistic, father," the other Capelon replied. "But we must admit we underestimated that beast. By the way, did you like my trick? Those blows worked fine."

"They worked, but they were childish, immature... I can't say I'm proud of you, son, there are other ways to trick our rivals."

"But it worked, that's what counts."

Father and son, as it has been mentioned, were Capelons. Their species was known as one of the finest hunters in this world, as well as masters of camouflage. And they were smart as well, so even when they didn't seem to have the upper hand, they could turn things for their best. Deception was as important as being able to chase and kill their prey. Like this time, even though the father wasn't proud of his son's childish methods. But at least, they got enough meat for their family. In those days, it wasn't that usual among Capelons.

Their ecosystem was beginning to decay. Prey was harder to find, as their numbers dramatically dropped, while Capelons only kept growing. Capelons could survive with very few food, but even so, they feared the day food would be gone. In those desperate times, some Capelons even thought of targeting their rival predators. Many factors made the idea completely impossible. First, other predators were stronger than Capelons and only way to kill them was showing themselves, so Capelons would mostly be the hunted instead of the hunters. Also, some Capelons tried to feed on dead bodies of some predators... and died due to such meat being poisonous to their digestive systems.

Then, what could be their alternative? They didn't know and fear of starvation and death grew.

There was an explosion, far from them. Both Capelons kept holding their prey, acting as nothing had happened. But the smoke and fire made them reconsider ignoring it. They slowly approached the place the smoke came from. Still holding their prey, both Capelons watched the wrecked structure in front of them.

It looked like a vessel, some kind of huge brownish ship. They asked themselves where it came from, as none of them had the slightest idea. Capelons were used to long expeditions in search of food and never in their lives had seen this mysterious ship. Also, this structure wasn't there an hour ago.

A figure came from the brimstone. A tall scaled creature standing on two of its six legs, trying to extinguish the flames on its body with the other four limbs. The figure threw itself to the ground and rolled, in a desperate attempt to rid itself of the flames. This lasted for a few minutes until the reptilian being stopped, giving up. It turned to the Capelons and despite the excruciating pain it was going through, the lizard-like humanoid spoke to them. They didn't understand a word, it was a language they didn't know.

The mysterious being pointed at the sky and then to the destroyed ship. The Capelons had followed its finger. Was this stranger trying to tell them that it came from the sky with that large ship? When the looked back at the outsider, it didn't move anymore.

"Is it dead?" the younger Capelon asked.

His father slowly left their prey on the ground and approached the body. Part of his threads created a thick tentacle that rest on the body.

"Completely dead."

The younger Capelon floated near his father and watched the reptilian creature with more detail. Certainly, they had never seen something like this before.

"It said it came from the sky..." the older Capelon looked upwards. "How can it be? There are only clouds and stars on the sky."

"Could have it come from the stars? Imagine it!" his son said. Then he turned to the corpse. "And look at it know... like it has been baked by those flames..."

Many tentacles came from the mass of threads the young Capelon was. They repeatedly touched the dead body and some of them parted from it. Where these tentacles had been, little slimy bite marks were visible.

"Are you crazy, my son?!" the father yelled. "What if that thing kills you?! You already know there's meat in this place that is poisonous to us, think of what this critter from the stars can...!"


The younger Capelon didn't look poisoned at all. It was easy to know when that happened, as the threads would immediately have been discomposed themselves, completely disintegrating the Capelon's body. This wasn't happening at all. In fact, the younger Capelon was so delighted he took some more flesh to taste.

They looked at each other. Then at their former prey, some feet away form their current positon. Then, they looked at the "alien from the stars".

"Star food..." the father said as he looked at the sky. "Could it be the solution to our problem?"

"But what if no more falls from there? What if those things won't come anymore?" the son pointed at the ship with some of his tentacles.

"Then we will have to prove why we are predators. We will find the way to create our own vessels, to leave this soil, to fly to the stars and find new hunting grounds, new food. We might even find more competitors, but we will teach them who the supreme master hunters are. We will teach them who the Capelons are."
Here we go with the Capelons... These aliens are nothing but masses of fibers and threads, floating around and able to mimic their surroundings and even cover their planet in a camouflage field. They're one of the main predators in their planet, yet I don't like them that much. In fact, along with the Kambuchka and the Ungooma, they're by far my least favorite species of Ascendancy.

Here I wanted to play with the father-son relationship in a hunting day. And yes, what they discovered is a Chamachie. A crispy one. Eugh... xD


Capelons, Chamachies and Ascendancy (c) The Logic Factory
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