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Arbryls – A Tree Story

The peace Arbryls were so devoted to had been kept untouched for generations. Their rituals gave the tree-like Arbryls, a species as wise as they were old, their own inner harmony. But not only their souls felt that, the very fabric of time and space was affected, touched by the incredible energy these rituals drew.

Such rituals created a dimensional shield that isolated not only their planet, a gargantuan eden full of plant life, but its planetary system as a whole, every planet, and even the star they were orbiting, their source of all life. For them, this side effect of their rituals wasn't unknown. The Arbryls were quite aware of the side effect of their rituals, the result of the energy emanated from millions of Arbryls in the humongous garden their planet was, in their quest for perfect calm. And they were satisfied knowing that their world, their planetary system, would never be disturbed.

But not so long ago, some Arbryls, among the youngest and most curious ones, spent their nights contemplating the stars with the stillness of their tree origins. Those nights, their slow yet impressive thoughts wondered on what could be far from their planet, far from their mother star. Were the Arbryls fated with never leaving the soil that had watched them sprout and grow? What was the Universe holding for them?  Could there be other beings with thoughts similar to those of the, by that time, few curious Arbryls? Would they meet those beings? And if so, how would they react towards the Arbryls?

The very tree-people were responsible for disturbing their own peace. Questions and doubts flew all over the canopy of sentient trees, and the youngest ones got their elders, the wisest of them all, to even hesitate, to ask themselves if they should look beyond their own limits. These thoughts were exciting, yet they also had their share of worry.

Peace and harmony had been their way of life for centuries. No other beings had disturbed them in such a long period of time. For the Arbryls, there had been nothing but their own peace. But from this peace, curiosity was born in those younger and more vivid tree-minds. And it spread to others, even to those whose roots were deeper than any other Arbryl's. This curiosity was indeed powerful and the numbers of Arbryls wondering about the mysteries of the Universe kept growing. This Universe, that had left them alone with their thoughts and isolationist philosophy inside their own boundaries, had interrupted their stillness for the first time.

The latest council was the final answer to some of their questions and the killer of their doubts: the Arbryls' curiosity had grown enough to make an important decision. Such decision was the search for knowledge, the knowledge that other worlds, other stars could bring them. Their thirst for unknown knowledge, their newborn curiosity, had to be satisfied.

However, the Arbryls found their first obstacle: their resources weren't the best ones for their space-traveling purposes. Technology was nearly a stranger for them, as their peaceful society had never been known for big needs and so they only needed rudimentary tools, if they ever got to use them. Thus developing the means for exploring other planets, other star systems, was further than they would ever think. Everything seemed out of their reach, like their planet wanted to tell them to desist, to give up on this new curiosity and go back to their monotone yet calm tree-life.

Not that the Arbryls would do so. Giving up wasn't an option for them. Arbryls were patient and they knew that, in one way or another, they'd finally achieve their goals. They would give their possibilities, their limitations, a long thought. It wasn't the first time Arbryls faced a common problem, and even if it took them long due to their extremely calm personalities, they were always able to solve such problem. This was no different from other experiences, aside from the bigger scale of things in the current situation.

And they were so focused on pros and cons of space travels that they forgot their rituals. The protective shield vanished, as space-time went back to what other people would have considered normal in their star system. That was how the enormous metal vessel of shinning metal plates came from the skies, from the very outer space the Arbryls began to ask themselves about.

Truth to be told, the Arbryls never thought that other species would find them in their planetary paradise before they could find out if alien life forms actually existed in other planets. These newcomers, a species of six-legged reptilians, were the inhabitants of the gigantic vessel,  which they called "a spaceship" - at first they found it hard to communicate with the Arbryls, and vice versa, yet they finally got the Arbryls to understand what they said. Such species called themselves the Chamachies and they spoke of worlds that escaped anyone's imagination, they talked about incredible distances and the knowledge they had gathered.

Knowledge. Curiosity. The Arbryls found in the Chamachies a friendly species that shared their thirst. They could exchange their knowledge, learn from one another, all for a greater good. Cultural and scientific data went to one side and another. Soon the Arbryls understood that their resources were enough, they just didn't know how to properly use them. Now everything was clear, as they knew what to do.

And that included their main question: would the Arbryls' isolation come to an end? The tree-people  were getting closer to the final answer.
Wait, wait... Draug writing something that isn't a Felarya story? Has he gone crazy?!

No, not yet... I'm still sane, or the best definition of sane in my case. :P Since I'm still trying to get my life in order - once again - and I still have some things waiting for me to do - and yes, you Felarya fans, there are three stories waiting for me to finish them -, I'm doing this in the meantime.

I'll be posting the translations of some Ascendancy short stories I wrote in Spanish quite long ago and posted them in my blog as part of an Ascendancy special I made... well, they aren't just translations, they've been improved quite a lot.

What's Ascendancy, you might ask? It's an old strategy computer game, from the 4x genre - explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate - with your usual science-fiction setting, with many alien species in search of their own ascendancy, their own goal to achieve galactic conquest. Neat, huh?

I'll be posting the stories in alphabetical order of the species' name. So it's logical I begin with the Ent-like Arbryls... yet there's a mention to the Chamachies, and be sure it won't be the last time we'll heard of them outside their own short story. :P

As you can see, each story explains quite a bit about each species and their ambitions. These are all based on the in-game info Ascendancy has, which isn't that big and so I have to improvise. A lot. So don't give me those bad looks when you see my portrayal of each species being different from yours. xD


Arbryls, Chamachies and Ascendancy (c) The Logic Factory
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lordmep Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
A neat concept for a new species just starting to enter the univers. However, the beginning could probably use a bit of polish. It took me a while to figure out that "Arbryls" was referring to a species.
feadraug Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're right that the beginning is kind of confusing. I guess that in my attempt to improve these stories from the original in Spanish I overdid it and made that part a bit more complicated.

Thanks for the comment!
lordmep Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome. Always happy to help.
FrenchSnack Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice description of their mindset.
feadraug Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. It's hard to develop the mindset of a species when the game's sole information comes from a few lines of dialog and a little introduction. :P
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