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---Warning: This story contains vore.---

This is another story based in the world of Felarya created by :iconkarbo:. Although in the beginning I thought it would be better not to submit this one for his contest due to some similarities with "Kyria's breakfast", I changed my mind and it's also in the contest now.

You could consider this the prelude to "Kyria's breakfast", as it is the story of Seelvee and how Oscar and Julian's partners ended up.

Usually, dryads in Felarya are wise and gentle. I wanted Seelvee to be a bit off that description. She's still gentle, she's still wise, but I gave her a bit of a mischievous feature. Also, I like the way she talks to her prey. Never thought of a predator talking to her food like that, didn't you? xD

Anyway, enjoy this story as well. It isn't as detailed or as long as Kyria's, but now you'll know a bit more about my cute fairy's best friend!
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David-Dent-Jedi's avatar
Excellent story dude! :D I loved it, even though I knew what was going to happen. It realy makes one feel for the Dryad oddly. = / She's so sweet and innocent....For man eating tree that is XD
feadraug's avatar
Well, it was a bit predictable... since it works as a prequel of what happend in the other story. After all, this was the way to know more of Seelvee the dryad. :P

Glad you liked it and thanks for the comment and the fav. :D
David-Dent-Jedi's avatar
Predictable or not, I still enjoyed it and Seelvee is a cool character. ;) I'd love to see more of her a Kyria. Are they in Felaryan Madness?
feadraug's avatar
Seelvee makes a brief appearance, but Kyria has quite a big role in there. I just need time to go back to Felaryan Madness. >_<
SuperPieGuy9's avatar
*bows down to the awesomeness*

That was an excellent work. I give it a 9.7/10
feadraug's avatar
That's a nice score. xD

Thank you very much for both the comment and the fav. :D
SuperPieGuy9's avatar
Your welcome dude.
roulett777's avatar
this was the best story that i have ever read do you have more please me if you have more
feadraug's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment. And well, here you have two other stories:

Kyria's breakfast

A visit for lunch
mithrandirff7's avatar
Wow, um...I don't know what to say. Vore? I don't understand that fetish at all. It's...hum...

But at least it would work as a good horror story, because it was nicely written and the monster actually won.
feadraug's avatar
Yes, I don't understand that vore thing either, but looks like in this world of Felarya it's the usual thing, so I had to play with those rules. But it won't be like all stories about that world have to include that fetish, in the future I won't be covering that vore thing - at least not so much, because I don't understand that fetish. Let's say this was a try to see if I got the atmosphere of that world right.

Anyway, you're right: fantasy and horror stories like this one look pretty good when you see them finished, as seeing a monster/predator/whatever winning instead of the apparently helpless humans is something strange yet original.

And glad you left a comment. :)
Ravana3k's avatar
I just have to bow my head in respect, great story and I really, really hope this wasn't the last story about Felarya you wrote, would be a waste of great talent
feadraug's avatar
It won't be the last one, I assure you. I'm liking so much the Felaryan universe that it would be too bad leaving it like this. So I'll get with more of this stuff, dunno when, but there will be more.

Also, thanks for the fav and the DevWatch. :D
Ravana3k's avatar
Looking forward to it :)

If you need some inspiration, feel free to take a look into my gallery, I've nearly over 180 Felaryan stories ^^
feadraug's avatar
Thank you! ^^
Karbo's avatar
That was a great prequel :D
Really nicely described and instructive on your character ^_^
feadraug's avatar
Glad you like it. Even if I didn't want to submit it to the contest, I like how it came out. I just wanted to talk a bit about Seelvee. I just really needed it. ^^

Also, thanks for the fav!
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