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Spanish artist with no clear future and very little spare time. Always willing to improve, to go (to infinity and) beyond my capabilities... more or less like the thousands of other artists gathering here. But being myself. That's a nice plus, right?

Tools of the Trade
Ink & Pencils, Tablet, Computer (CSP)

Status report

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[For the sake of simplicity, today's journal entry will be only in English... I'm confident my fellow Spanish speakers have the right English mastery to understand at least half of what I'm gonna say.] So... how long has it been since my last journal entry? Let's see... December 11th, 2012... woah, that makes more than a year and a half... And I bet you're wondering how I'm doing after that journal. Because it's clear things have changed, specially if you follow me here. Let's see what I need to clarify after all this time... “Hi, I'm here for your Felaryan stories. Where are you Felaryan stories?” That's one good first questi
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Busy as Hell

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[ENGLISH] I owe you an explanation and I apoligize for not being that active. As of late, I've been very, very, very busy with several things in life. So if you see I haven't replied to your comments, I haven't commented your art or anything, don't worry: it's just that November was kind of a hard month and it looks like December will be a tougher one. Tougher than I expected. Not only because of work, but also because of my own hobby. You see, some people have told me that I should draw more, something I totally agree with because practice makes a master. I've been trying to get the time for it, and now that I got... Guess what? Someone w
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[ENGLISH] Just a status report... 1. Remember this? http://fav.me/d4ca49n Amyorrigan was just a little silly thing from some conversations with ~Mirian (https://www.deviantart.com/mirian) about her Morrigan cosplay and how she thought she'd look like the Klamstein's mother - it's a lie, she, Miri, looks pretty fine... Well, engaging in another funny chat with her via Twitter, the idea of Amy Klamstein Cosplayer is back to my mind, several months after Amyorrigan. And so it'll begin (again) with Amynetta and Amy'Zorah (vas Klamstein). Guess the victims. xD Can't promise any kind of periodic release and maybe it'll be just for these two... unless people like them. 2. As
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...the happiest of (late) birthdays to you.....may this year be a joyful and prosperous one!...X3
...the happiest of birthdays to you....hope all is well for you and yours...=3
Everything going pretty well. And thank you!
Happy Birthday! :cake:
Thank you very much!
¡Feliz cumpleaños señor! :iconcakeplz: