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Lyon: Study by VeneficusMagister
General Fire Emblem
Lucina: The Sword of Heroes by VeneficusMagister
Necromancy by Song-of-a-Phoenix
Ohayo 2014: GROUP HUG by VeneficusMagister
FE 1,2,3,11,12,15
Talys Bride by Yusuna-chan
Linde - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Cosplay (1) by frobin
Marth: Hero-King Arrives by VeneficusMagister
FE: Marth of Altea by Leaf-nin
FE 4,5
Sylvia Cosplay 0001 by Glenndalf
FE 6,7
A cold watch by Yusuna-chan
Fire Emblem: Roy by Yusuna-chan
Rrrrrrrrrh by theonlytoner
Axe first by theonlytoner
FE 8
Lyon: Waterfront by VeneficusMagister
Lyon: Pondering by VeneficusMagister
Lyon cosplay wip! by dusknoirs
Sacred Stones - Darkness by Yusuna-chan
FE 9,10
My ( Fire Emblem ) Ike Cosplay by Ayyyron
FE Radiant Dawn: Reading by Yusuna-chan
Anime Central 2015: Black Knight Cosplay by MurasakiKoneko
FE10: Two Goddesses by dunyazad
FE 13
Wake up Robin - Fire Emblem Awakening cosplay by Belcosplay
Chrobin kiss by Belcosplay
Maribelle and Lissa ~Tea Time~ by frobin
Tharja aesthetic by Azumi-neko
FE 14
Queen Mikoto cosplay - Fire Emblem Fates by Belcosplay
Fire Emblem: The oceans grey waves by Yusuna-chan
Ophelia - Fire Emblem Fates Cosplay (4) by frobin
A Song of Conquest and Fate by Yusuna-chan
Super Smash Bros.
Ohayo 2015: No Mercy by VeneficusMagister
Marth and Ike by Piratin-Nami


Suzukaze, The Refreshing Breeze by Chayantou Suzukaze, The Refreshing Breeze :iconchayantou:Chayantou 7 3 A Spell from Tharja by RocknamLee A Spell from Tharja :iconrocknamlee:RocknamLee 48 1 Past and Future by Lunnacry Past and Future :iconlunnacry:Lunnacry 16 5




Welcome to FE-Cosplay Club! Join requests are automatically approved, but please read over these rules and information before submitting so things run as cleanly as possible around here.
General Things to Know
This group is specifically for Fire Emblem cosplay ONLY. All submitted pieces must be cosplay-related, as in costumes created and worn. You do not necessarily have to be the creator of the cosplay, but it must be an actual costume.
1) As of now, there is no limit to how many submissions you may submit to the group per day. However, please don't flood the group all at once, else a limit may be required later on.
2) Rough WIP photos (i.e. early design stages) should not be submitted. Only decent WIP and finished projects should be showcased.
3) Please submit everything to the proper folders. Have something that you're not sure where it goes? Contact an admin for help. Accidentally submit something to the wrong folder? Let an admin know and it won't be counted against you. This is to ensure things stay organized.
4) Folders are sorted by game and continent- for example, there is one folder for the Archanean/Akaneian-based games, 1, 3, 11, and 12. The General Fire Emblem folder is for pieces that either don't belong in any specific other folder or that contain characters from multiple games.
5) Cosplays based on the DLC art from Awakening should go in the Awakening folder.
6) While there is a folder for Super Smash Bros.-based cosplays, PLEASE make sure that there is a Fire Emblem character involved (i.e Marth, Roy, Ike, Lyndis, Lucina, Robin). SSB-based photos and cosplays not including a FE character are not allowed. Also, please note that SSB-based submissions must be approved before they will appear within the group. This is in place as a filter in order to assure Fire Emblem is featured in the shot.

That should about cover it for now, but this list may grow and be changed as time goes on. Thank you, and enjoy the cosplay!

The group icon currently features:
VeneficusMagister as Masked Marth from FE 13



Well, folks, Lucina and Robin of Fire Emblem: Awakening have been confirmed for the new Super Smash Bros.! Chrom also will be making an appearance, but not as a playable character.
You can watch the reveal trailer here.

That being said, the usual Smash Bros. policy for this group will now be applied to them. Cosplay photos based on Super Smash Bros. including Lucina and Robin should be submitted to the Smash Bros. folder.

I'm pretty excited. What about you all?
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Ralthara Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016
Hello, I hope I'm not a bother but I felt since you're a club made of fellow Fire Emblem fans, I was wondering if any of you would like to roleplay Fire Emblem. I'm a fan of the series, myself and have made a few drawings of characters from the series with some in the works.

Anyway, if you'd like to roleplay Fire Emblem. Whether you like to roleplay as a canon character from the series or as an original character, you can do so here:…

Feel free to check us out!
theskittypink Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
just a general question I really want to cosplay Lucina, but I know that that is a really common cosplay, and being an fe 13 character, there will be more people doing something from fates should I go for it.
VeneficusMagister Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
Cosplay who you want, when you want, because you want to. Don't let popularity of a character keep you from doing a costume you really want to do. No two costumes are exactly alike and it can be fun to make something your own. The most important part of it is that you have fun with it.
yami-joey Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Good day FE Cosplay Club! I'm one of the admins of the FE Community fb page.
Our goal is to form a tighter community for Fire Emblem players. With the page nearing 10,000 likes, one of our projects is to publish a website by the end of August. The site will have FE-related news, freebies, fanfiction, a chatroom, and an artist's gallery featuring some of the well-known fanart of the Fire Emblem fandom. 

If you have created Fire Emblem fanart before, we would like you and your work to be featured on the site! :meow: This feature includes:

:bulletred: 3-6 Fire Emblem fanart created by you (please send us your artworks of choice)
:bulletred: Name to display on the website including your avatar/logo to be displayed
:bulletred: Links to your profiles
:bulletred: A message you would like to say to gamers who love the Fire Emblem series.

The goal of this artist feature is to show appreciation for these artists and to further spread the love and bonds for those who love the series.

If you are interested, please note me with the details needed above.

Thank you, and together we ride!

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