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DLC Contest: Sonia (FE7) by EnigmaAerion
[OLD] CE: Awakening Serra by manatiki
A Fruity Assault by chevaliers17
FE:A Collaboration
regna ferox champion by PokeFreak413
Prim and Proper by Airumel
Like Father Like Son by Medli45
Chrom and Lucina
Christmas Lucina by TheVitus
Happy Birthday Lucina! by TheVitus
Lucinas Bizarre Adventure by TheVitus
Maid Lucina by TheVitus
Grandmaster Tactician: Paprika by Paprikaikaika
I am the Fell Dragon! by Primogenitor34
JoJo Chrom by TheVitus
JoJo Robin by TheVitus
Love Potion~ by Paprikaikaika
Fairy by DucessaEva
dance like no one's watching by DucessaEva
Feroxi Family Portrait by NihonFreakMB
Tharja by TheVitus
Tharja by Esther-Shen
Bride Tharja Pinup by B-side7715
Scarlet Rabbit by DucessaEva
in dreams by DucessaEva
Lady in Red by DucessaEva
Tiki the Manakete by Thechilean
Spring Seller Anna by Shionshetrr
Quick sketch: Tiki (Adult) by ChungMechanic
Nowi - FE Awakening by Kikifoo
The Divine Voice (2020) by Primogenitor34
Morgan by pkcherry
severa fire emblem by ran-ran-ruuu
My son by burningblaze9
Cynthia and Nah (Fire Emblem Awakening) by Thaumana
Fire Emblem Awakening V2 by Vidolus
Wings of Despair by DoodleStudios
Happy Birthday Chrom!! by silif-art
Cheesy Chrobin Album by gee-imatree
Inktober Day 4 (Wind Across the Plains) by NintendoKiddo64
Fire Embem Awakening - Tiki the Divine Dragon by Rei-Suzuki
Pairings- Canon
Fried Fig Cakes by NintendoKiddo64
Pairings- Non Canon
two halves of the same whole by DucessaEva
My Unit- The Avatar
The Wind at Your Back by Gimmickry
Awakening Redesigns
tiki acrylic charm design by Pyritie
FE 13 Meme
Fire Emblem 13 Meme by karuuhnia
Super Smash Bros.
Lucina [fanArt] by dakkalot
Contest Entries
Lucina in a Konpeito Jar by Enlightened-Titan


Taguel Lucina by CSLucaris Taguel Lucina :iconcslucaris:CSLucaris 263 15 Dark Mage Miriel by KyleKlim Dark Mage Miriel :iconkyleklim:KyleKlim 21 7 #PlegiaLife by IntroSpectres #PlegiaLife :iconintrospectres:IntroSpectres 16 0 FE13 Henry by iired-chaii FE13 Henry :iconiired-chaii:iired-chaii 16 0 FE ss '16 - Lonlissa by LizardLizard FE ss '16 - Lonlissa :iconlizardlizard:LizardLizard 60 3 Lonky by LizardLizard Lonky :iconlizardlizard:LizardLizard 13 2 Lucina Aproves by Sliter Lucina Aproves :iconsliter:Sliter 11 3 Robin Fire Emblem Awakening by Bluesapphire82 Robin Fire Emblem Awakening :iconbluesapphire82:Bluesapphire82 25 17 Chibi Lucina by Bluesapphire82 Chibi Lucina :iconbluesapphire82:Bluesapphire82 12 233 I'll let it slide this once. by lunar-maiden I'll let it slide this once. :iconlunar-maiden:lunar-maiden 34 3 I Curse What I Dislike as I Please by lunar-maiden I Curse What I Dislike as I Please :iconlunar-maiden:lunar-maiden 16 1 Happy Bday Palne and Me by Sandricola Happy Bday Palne and Me :iconsandricola:Sandricola 28 0 100% by LizardLizard 100% :iconlizardlizard:LizardLizard 26 7 Fire emblem awakening - Olivia by JennyMiki Fire emblem awakening - Olivia :iconjennymiki:JennyMiki 37 12 Fire emblem Awakening by Nat-chan Fire emblem Awakening :iconnat-chan:Nat-chan 269 8 Ricken by LizardLizard Ricken :iconlizardlizard:LizardLizard 45 10


We affiliate with any Fire Emblem-based or -related groups. Hate or anti groups will not be accepted.
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Please be sure to read this thoroughly before or once joining! If you have any questions, please contact VeneficusMagister.

Welcome to FE-Awakening, a group dedicated to the thirteenth game of the Fire Emblem series- Awakening, also known as Kakusei. Make sure to read over these rules so you understand how things run here and we don't have any issues. Those who fail to follow the rules will be sentenced to punishment delivered by Henry (well, maybe not, but there will be issues).

General Rules
-This group is for FE 13 ONLY. There are plenty of other Fire Emblem-based groups on dA devoted to the rest of the series. Art submitted here must be original to Awakening*.
*The exception is DLC variations of characters- i.e. Marth, Roy, Ephraim. See below for more info.
-Please submit everything to the proper folders- more info below.
-Be kind to one another. Flaming/trolling/bashing will not be tolerated.
-No explicit sexual themes will be allowed in the group.
-Unnecessary sexualization of characters, male or female, will not be accepted.
-Violence/gore is allowed, but without being a bloodbath. I shouldn't be able to see someone's insides.
-No incest pairings will be tolerated (save a few minor exceptions depending on the situation).
-Anything you submit MUST be your own work. Stolen art or anything that uses official art, screen shots, or CGs will be removed. The exception to this is the use of artwork in preview images for writings. This includes doll-makers and similar works.

REGARDING PAIRINGS: This group accepts a wide variety of pairings and does allow yaoi/yuri themes as long as they follow the basic group rules. All pairings will be submitted to one of two folders: Canon and non-canon. Canon pairings are defined as any pairing in the game that can reach an "S" support. All other pairings (hetero, yaoi, yuri, whatever) are to go in the Non-Canon folder. Thank you!

Regarding OCs: This group does not currently accept Original/Fan Characters based on Awakening, other than the member's Avatar(s). The rule of thumb is basically this: If the character does not take Robin's/The Avatar's/My Unit's story role, then it will not be accepted.

Please check this… regarding folder descriptions and who goes where.

All pieces submitted to the wrong folders will be moved- it will not count against you if you let an admin know that you accidentally submitted something in the wrong place. But if it is a reoccurring problem, then you may be banned from the group. All pieces violating the group rules will be removed, and if it becomes an issue, the member will be removed as well.

Note: This is a sister/companion group to


Hi, Awakeners! Sheesh, I haven't submitted a journal since last September. Sorry about that!

Seeing as it's been a while, I want to take the moment to remind you all of some of our rules that have been, unfortunately, ignored recently.

1. All submissions must be related to Awakening. In other words, characters featured should include a character from Awakening. Fates is not Awakening. Smash is not Awakening.

2. Any submissions including official art [unless as reference or in a preview image for writing] will be removed. Your submissions must be your own work.

3. We reserve the right to remove pieces that are deemed inappropriate for the group. While reserved sexual themes are allowed, tasteless fan service, complete disregard for character, and/or explicit sexual content will NOT be tolerated.

And that's about it. Thank you for keeping the group so active!
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We do not accept OCs outside each member's version of Robin. 
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Hello! This group only accepts if it's clearly the Awakening Avatar, not other types of FE OCs. 
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My apologies! I've been really busy over the past week and I think the submission expired. That would go to Plegia if you would like to submit again. 
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Comissions are... Open?

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