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CS450 StarGate Room 3

A still from my animation class project (CS450 at Oregon State University, 2004-11-29) showing an active stargate rendered using POV-Ray 3.6 (no Maya or advanced editor). The models, if you'd call them that, were all simple CSG primitives, and the textures were various flavors of Perlin noise. The Egyptian glyphs and chevron glyphs were from two fonts. This was my first 3D attempt, and just getting this much took more than 8 hours, so I can appreciate the work of real 3D artists more after that!

(Shaun informs me the DHD is too small, so guess I'll update it)
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 Wow, 8 hours? that is very impressive because you didn't only make the stargate, but also the DHD panel and the room too.

 I like it :) . I should truly consider making pics of my own stargates :D .

 Keep it up!
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Have you made a stargate yet? (I'm replying to this comment .. only 5 years later! >_>) You made plenty of cool familiar scifi ships I see (sooo much work), including a puddle jumper gateship that could fly through my gate :b.
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 Yeah, I didn't even remember I've made this comment at all ^^; . I hope things are going well for you.

 Thank you, I did make some Stargate models, one of them is currently (and still) been used in the "Stargate: Invasion" mod for Sins of a Solar Empire (They  are also using my current model of Destiny and the Seed Ship). I might remake them at some point.