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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Welcome to FDComics :wave:

The majority of what you'll find here is in the superhero / superheroine genre. My comics are a little different from what you might see elsewhere, for two main reasons:

Firstly, my old-school, hand drawn, pen on paper art. I've noticed my style seems to grow on people, so give it time.

Secondly, hey, I'm a submissive guy, so the women always take the dominant role in my stories, and the guys always lose, whether they're the baddies or goodies.
Since joining, I've realised that this is the opposite of what is popular, so if you've come here hoping to see my heroines tied up and in peril, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Anyway...I hope you see something you like :)

If you want to learn more, please check out Rob66's interview with me here:…


Coyote Flash
This is my depiction of Coyote Flash, an awesome character belonging to my good friend :iconzomgzilla:

Is she a goodie or a baddie? It's complicated...but one thing's for sure...she has enough cunning and convoluted schemes to keep ACME in business for years.
She may even have a plan which involves painting a tunnel onto the side of a mountain. Mwah-ha-ha-haaa :evillaugh:

Hope you like her
I got tagged for this by :iconmaltorramus: :iconnathanomir: :iconragingcyc0ne: and :iconjyger85: so I thought I'd roll them all into one. And not a Ms. Amazing or a Sorceress in sight. Lets hear it for some of my lesser known, unsung, hapless or villainous characters.

First up:

Thrillseeker / Anne-Marie Hewitt
Thrillseeker - Portrait by FDComics
  1.  While her past is on the wrong side of the law, as a cat-burglar, since falling in love with the superheroine "Scarlet Gravity" she has been doing her best to stay on the right side of the law.
  2. Her original power-set was going to be completely different, involving controlling light (which would come in useful for evading those pesky laser grids). But at the same time I was working on her, I was also drawing a picture of Lady Astra, who also controls I had a hasty re-think. I found the new idea much more inspiring.
  3. Anne-Marie comes from actual place!!! Unlike the fictional Metro City, where everyone else is from.
  4. Anne-Marie's favourite band is Judas Priest. :music: Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law :music:
  5. To blow off steam, Anne-Marie's biggest hobby is free running, high up over the city.
  6.  Anne-Marie loves some kinky dress-up and roleplay. She has a French whip-wielding villainess character called  La Maîtresse, who she dresses as to kidnap Scarlet Gravity as a prelude to a night of passion.
  7.  Erica Durance is my basis for the appearance of Anne-Marie.
  8. Thrillseeker's biggest curse? That waffled padding on her outfit is so damn time-consuming to draw that I really haven't drawn her as much as I should have. She didn't even wear the costume in her last two pictures.

Mighty-Man / Nick Stone
The Threads of Love by FDComics

  1. Despite the fact that he always loses, Mighty-Man's healing power actually makes him the most unstoppable of all my characters. Very little, if anything, can actually kill him.
  2. It also means he won't age. In 50 years time, when Missy and Saucy are old ladies, Mighty-Man will still look to be in his mid-20's...and he may have even learned to fight by then. So watch out, Pounder!
  3. Nick Stone was actually the name of my first ever superhero character, Stinger, who I created when I was 10 (see further down for an exclusive glimpse)
  4. I'm hugely influenced by Spider-man, so Nick's occupation as a news photographer is either a homage, or a blatant rip-off, depending on how charitable you're feeling.
  5.  As well as news photos, Nick enjoys taking more artsy b&W photos. He probably has a DeviantArt account (I'll be shocked if you can find it)
  6. His favourite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  7. I actually came up with the double-M symbol before I came up with the name Mighty-Man.
  8. There seems to be a lot of fans of his crazy love triangle (as detailed in the picture above)...but there's more. Nick's cougar boss clearly has a thing for him too. Cougar Boss by FDComics

Leather Larcen
Leather Larcen by FDComics

  1. Despite only appearing in one issue of Mighty-Man, British catburglar "Leather Larcen" caught the eye of RagingCyc0ne, who has included her in a few stories, and encouraged me to bring her back.
  2. Her leather catsuit is inspired by Emma Peel...obviously.
  3. She has worked with several other thieves, but the only one she really trusts and respects is fellow Brit Midnight Fox
  4. Although not even Midnight Fox knows her real name: Gillian St. Clair.
  5. In her case, diamonds certainly are a girl's best friend.
  6. She possesses a metagene, which gives her low level super powers. Enhanced agility and reflexes, and an early warning danger sense.
  7. Since I already had a blonde with brown eyes (Ms. Amazing) and a blonde with blue eyes (Pounder), I decided to give leather Larcen green eyes.
  8. You've not seen the last of her! :evillaugh: 

Caught Under the Mistletoe by FDComics

  1. As first revealed in her super OC interview, Pounder's real name is Lauren Metcalf.
  2. I originally made her up when I was only 10 years old. Even at that age, I had a weird interest in strong women beating up guys, and she was my outlet.
  3. Yes, Pounder and Sorceress' costumes are very similar, but Pounder's came first. So take that, Saucy!
  4. The idea that Pounder is smitten with Mighty-Man is only a very recent thing. She'd already faced him twice, so if I was bringing her back a third time, I needed a fresh angle. It just instantly fitted...and people some to love it. Now I can't even imagine it without the stalkery love angle.
  5. Pounder is unaware that she is responsible for the accident that gave Mighty-Man his powers. Just imagine if she ever found out!
  6. Pounder is a big fan of Southern rock, like Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot. Don't interrupt her when she's rocking out to that tasty guitar work!
  7. Above all, Pounder just loves to wreck stuff.... and superheroes.
  8. As long promised, here's an exclusive look at the very first Pounder drawing, from the cover of Stinger #4, drawn some time in the mid 90's:

First Pounder by FDComics


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