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STATUS |  *Currently taking Book Cover, Bust and Waist up Portraits, please contact me if interested (:

Commission info:

- Payment only via Paypal.

- If you are interested send me a note/email with a brief description of what you want, to see if I can take it (with no commitment ).

- I am only taking fictional characters, not real people.

- After receiving the final piece there is no option to refund.

- If for some reason I´m not able to finish your commission, you will have complete refund.

- You will get a high quality file (300 dpi) with the artwork.

- After accepting the commission, I´ll show you a sketch, if you are happy with it, then we go ahead with the payment. 

- The commission can be for:

       a) personal use, That means you can use the piece as you want, banners, icons, backgrounds, layouts etc. What you can´t do is to claim the artwork as your own or to sell prints, or any other way to make money and profit out of it.

      b)comercial use, if that is the case, tell me and we will talk about it to see the details.

- I reserve the rights to the artwork.

- Please contact me on a note or an email ( )

( For Book Covers please note: I only do Front covers Illustrations, no back cover or inside flaps or spine )


Format and Prices Examples (for non-commercial use) :

Bust up Portrait 

Ellie by fdasuarez  <da:thumb id="533622400"/>

Waist up Portrait 

Belle by fdasuarez  Witch by fdasuarez 

Full Illustration $800 and up (depending on complexity)

I will rule by fdasuarez  Ashes: Lighthouse Bay by fdasuarez

© 2011 - 2021 fdasuarez
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Hi ! I'm very interested and I also sent some messages but I had no response so far...I just hope I'll be able to speak with you very soon La la la la 
Hola, yo intenté contactar contigo a traves del Facebook pero no respondiste.
Estoy muy interesado en que realices para mi algunas ilustraciones para uso comercial en un proyecto de un juego de rol cuando aceptes comisiones de nuevo, y ya que acabas de cerralas te lo posteo ahora para que me tengas en cuenta de los primeros.
Me encantaron tus trabajos en Dead of Winter y Ashes.
Saludos Francisco.
fdasuarez's avatar
Hola!, por el momento no estoy tomando comissiones de ningun tipo
Beta-is-my-Name's avatar
Hi, I sent you a mail at: at the 28.10.( I would like to inquire if your are on vacation/busy ... because I didn't received an away notification or answer otherwise. :(
fdasuarez's avatar
you can go ahead and send me a note here on DA (:
TheBlackestBane's avatar
Man, your prices are insane!
fdasuarez's avatar
PinkyPower64's avatar
if you added hands to a bust drawing would it cost more?
fdasuarez's avatar
No, unless it would be something more complicated, like doing some sort of magic or holding a weapon, etc :) 
VoidTheDragonTurtle's avatar
Aaah what lovely artwork, I may just have to wait and see how much you charge when you open these up again :3
SarzBarz's avatar
I hope you open up again. ;~; ♥
NikeMV's avatar
I read that you send notes with prices. I may be interested, can I receive a note too?
Thank you :heart:
fdasuarez's avatar
Thank you for asking, but I am closed for commissions at the moment, im sorry
techmess's avatar
Hoping to commission you for some art someday. <3 Great work!
arore's avatar
Like others I also can't wait for your commissions to open again. Totally in love with your art!
EValdez's avatar
Can't wait for slots to open again! LOVE your work.
fdasuarez's avatar
monobun's avatar
Ooh! How much would it cost for a bust like this? 

Coria by fdasuarez  
monobun's avatar
Great! Thank you C: When I get paid I'll prob come back and send details! Haha
fdasuarez's avatar
monobun's avatar
OH CRAP YOU'RE CLOSED NOW XD!!! Right when I come back OTL

Well...I'll stick around for when you open again :D
THE-DARK-MIA's avatar
how much would it cost for a sketch, bust up perhaps, like this one:… ? ^_^
fdasuarez's avatar
it would be $40 (:
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