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Hey guys!

I wanted to share with you what is coming regarding my art, I am super excited because I took the desition to dedicate fully to my personal art and projects, and next week I will be Launching my Patreon page!, What is Patreon? if you are not familiar already , Patreon is a site where you will be able to engage and support my work and get rewards for it!, I have been working these past weeks, painting new pieces, recording Video tutorials, doing Steps by Steps and more, so if you are interested in getty any of those things, It would be awesome if you could visit my Patreon once is Launched, next week.  Emoji06 by Emoji-icon

I have so many ideas and projects that I want to do, and now I am finally dedicating all of my time to that and to create content for you.

That´s it!, I can not wait. And if there is anything you would like to see from me, leave a comment and let me know : D

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] by Jerikuto


Hey Guys! 

I am super excited to be part of the book: Sketching from the Imagination: Characters, where I contributed some of my Pencil work and an interview.

The book is available to pre-order now, Here is the link:…


Hello guys!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here on DA, who always leaves me such lovely comments, that take time of their day and send a note or write something kind and nice, it always
makes my day reading every single comment and message, Thank you T___T !

I havent been able yet to post anything that I have been working during this year, but hopefully soon I will be able to!

I am lucky to be attending the @teamcovenant Ashes event with @PlaidHatGames! , On April 15-16, in Tulsa, Oklahoma . I am excited :3 , there will be the first expansions of Ashes , that I did the art also.

Here is the info of the Event:…

Hey guys, I will be attending this year during this weekend with Plaid Hat Games ,

Ashes will be on stock! along other cool things to check out, so if anyone is around stop by the booth ! 



Hey Guys!

[ Edit ] Here is Some of the Art I did for the game:…

Ashes: Lighthouse Bay by fdasuarez   Ashes: Evermist Valley by fdasuarez   Ashes: Rayward by fdasuarez

Ashes: Rustwatch by fdasuarez   Ashes: Bloodwoods Clan by fdasuarez   Ashes: Silverwood by fdasuarez  
                                 Ashes : Viros by fdasuarez

I have here the preview for the upcoming game "Ashes - Rise of the Phoenixborn" by Isaac Vega and Plaid hat games, the boardgame for which I was working all last year,
I am really excited, it is such an awesome game!, I was lucky to be able to get to know the universe and help build the visual for it : D

Ashes is an expandable card game in which players will take on the role of a Phoenixborn – a powerful demi-god and magic-wielder. Players will be able to summon faithful allies and dangerous creatures. Combine powerful spells. Outwit their opponents in a fast-pasted back and forth barrage of well-crafted magic and strategic skill. The game is for 2 up tp 4 players.

Ashes also offers 3 exciting ways to play, giving players ton of variety all inside 1 box!

• Choose a deck and jump right in! 6 Phoenixborn included, each with
a pre-built deck and assigned dice, lets you start playing quickly.
• Build your own deck! With 247 cards and 40 dice included, this box
alone contains billions of build options.
• Draft a deck! A group of players can quickly build fun and interesting
decks together with the deck drafting rules.

Contents of the game:
• 6 Phoenixborn Cards
• 241 Spell/Unit Cards
• 4 Phases of Play Reference Cards
• 16 Dice Power Reference Cards
• 26 Wound Tokens
• 30 Exhaustion Tokens
• 21 Status Tokens
• 10 Charms Dice
• 10 Ceremonial Dice
• 10 Illusions Dice
• 10 Natural Dice
• 1 First Player Token
• 1 Rulebook

Ashes Pre-Order will launch April 9th at 12pm eastern for 15$ off its retail price of $49.95, making it only $34.95 for those that participate in the pre-order. People that pre-order will also receive the Dimona Odinstar Promo, as well as her special units the Rayward Knights. Pre-orders can be purchased at

All my work is available as Prints on INPRNT from now on too (:

Thank you very much to everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday, you guys are the beeesssttt <3333  '5 second hug' contest entry by CookiemagiK

:love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK  :love: by CookiemagiK 
Hey guys! So :iconnewsha-ghasemi: and Iare super excited to finally announce the launch of our Gamer Girl Book. We're doing a complete redesign of all our favorite characters from all our favorite games.
We're posting a teaser of our first girl, Zelda! And this weekend we will be selling a framed, hand matte paint washed with gold leaf detailing in NYCC this weekend at our table!
We hope that everyone will love the project and we are excited to see some familiar faces at comic con! We will be at Table T17

:iconnewsha-ghasemi: Newsha and I will be at New York comic con this year sharing a table, having the best bff sister time eveerrr together <33333

We will be at the table T17 <3<3 , so if any of you guys are around come and say Hi

Rainbow 8D by MyrthJ

Hey guys!

I was able to post the art I did for the boardgame " Dead of Winter" © 2014 Plaid Hat Games  (:

you can see the rest here>>…

You can Pre order the game here >>>

Hi guys ;___; IŽll start using facebook now too , to share my works, if you want to follow there:…
Omg guys, The awesome Winning piece of our contests, " Rabbit Final " by :iconnataliefuinha: got a DD! , howww cool is that : D , congraaaatttsss.

And well the places were:

First place

Rabbit Final by NatalieFuinha by :iconnataliefuinha:

Second place

Chinese Zodiac - rooster by Myrmirada by :iconmyrmirada:

Thrid place

Chinese Zodiac - Tiger WIP by LucasParolin by :iconlucasparolin:

And an special mention to this piece we loved so much

Fun with Sticks by Laurenryx2 by :iconlaurenryx2:

:thumb354974928: by :iconemiliemajarian:
Hey guysss, sorry the prices have taken so long T____T ,  IŽll take the time this weekend to send everyone their stuff or ask what you want for sketches and everything.

ALSO my lovely friend :iconjustyne: started a new contest, "Sioraiocht Spring Contest",  so check it out >>>… , IŽll be one of the judges n__n

Hi guys >.>

I got a bit lost in my notes and emails, IŽll start working on new commissions soon, and  I need to know if IŽm not forgetting someone who talked to me about it.

So far I know these persons are waiting:

- Feliane  
- Kyosukei69  bust up character
- nemain96 full body character
- Irrwahn sketch page
- SpiritSpitfire bust up character
- Ranko85 (benjamin) Full Body Character

If we talked, but you are not here, leave me a comment or send me a note pleaseee u__U
thank you <3

The Great Race

Contest Theme
Its a new year and to celebrate we've decided to throw a contest. The theme is the Chinese Zodiac! Feel free to draw anything any one of the zodiacs in the way you envision them.

~Newsha and me are currently asking for donations for the prizes. All donators will have their account ID featured here in this journal along with their name featured next tot their prize. Please send a note to either contest hostess with information to what you'd like to have donated and the quantity as well. Thanks so much!~

The race begins on January 15th and well end on February 28th.

Submission Rules
- Must be new piece specifically made for this contest
- Only one zodiac sign can be portrayed in each submission and it must be clear which zodiac is in the image
- Adult themes allowed (Blood/Nudity) only if it is found tasteful and only adds to the power of the piece.
- Please submit only polished and finished pieces. No sketches/doodles/rushed works.
- You may enter as many submissions as long as it follows the rule about polished works.
- Accepted mediums include traditional, digital and animation/gifs.  All format sizes allowed. But try not to make it to small as a loss in detail may hurt you and your chances of winning.
- Photo manipulation is not allowed
- Do not use any copyright materials or infringe on any deviant art rules with the submission
- Donors can submit to the contest

- Submit the new deviation to deviant art and in the information, reference the Great Race contest and put a link back to this journal.
- Send a note to either hostess with the topic reading "contest piece" and a thumbnail of the submission in the body. Please just send to one or the other, sending to both is unnecessary.


The pieces will be judged on
Use of theme
Visual Impact
Technical Skills

Prizes: Is currently being updated until the day before the start of the contest.
1st Place:
500 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
Waist up Collab Commission from :iconfdasuarez: and :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
Three 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
500 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
500 points by :iconjustyne: <33
150 Points by :icongraphix-goddess: <3
25 dollars by :iconfeliane: <3

2nd Place:
Two 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
250 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
50 points and feature by :icondhikssy.deviantart:
250 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
150points by :iconjustyne:
15 dollars by :iconfeliane:

3rd Place:
One 13x19 Prints of your choice offered by either :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
100 Points donated from :iconfdasuarez: or :iconnewsha-ghasemi:
100 points by :iconbeholdentolove:
100 points by :iconjustyne:


Entries!! : D

Chinese Zodiac::The Rooster
Chinese Zodiac::The Rooster by KatAlarcon  by :iconkatalarcon:
I added more recent pieces for Print sell here >

Heeeey guys <33, I have some Print selling here, if you are interested, take a look ((:

:iconnewsha-ghasemi: , :iconsickbrush: and I are putting up our prints for sale! Triple threat baby.

$20 + $5 Shipping (u.s domestic only)
Dimensions 13 x 19
You can have my everything by fdasuarez

Mature Content

Naked As We Came by Newsha-Ghasemi
Ain't No Mercy by Newsha-Ghasemi Your Time Has Come by Newsha-Ghasemi Waterdance by Newsha-Ghasemi Flamewalker by Newsha-Ghasemi
:thumb306595625: Price to Be Paid by Newsha-Ghasemi Unawakened Flesh by Newsha-Ghasemi Up to Higher Ground by Newsha-Ghasemi Breath of Life by Newsha-Ghasemi

And some personal Prints:

$20 +$5 Shipping (u.s domestic only)
Dimensions 13 x 19
Crow by fdasuarez Owl by fdasuarez Cardinal by fdasuarez Husky by fdasuarez
Bat your eyes girl by fdasuarez Blood to bear me flowers by fdasuarez

Mature Content

Tick tick tick by fdasuarez

Mature Content

Mess by fdasuarez
In order to rise by fdasuarez

Mature Content

All the glory that I bare by fdasuarez
Death unfold me by fdasuarez Things arent as pretty by fdasuarez Away from light by fdasuarez Poisoned apple by fdasuarez Lightinthenight by fdasuarez
Lions mane by fdasuarez Blood flowing like the tide by fdasuarez

$20 +$5 Shipping (u.s domestic only)
Dimensions 13 x 19
Rosebush Delirium by Newsha-Ghasemi Give Me His Heart by Newsha-Ghasemi
I am Revolution by Newsha-Ghasemi Lord of the West by Newsha-Ghasemi Portrait of the Insane by Newsha-Ghasemi

If you are interested in ordering just send either one of us a note and we'll exchange info to get the transaction underway <333

Also Newsha is selling her beautiful bookmarks if some of you want to check out too (:
$35 + $5 Shipping (u.s domestic only)
Dimensions are 13 x 40 inch printed on 10 mil Luster Finish Paper


Commissions are open, pleaseee read >…

also, some people have asked me if i would do traditional commissions, and yes I would, but you would still get a file with the image, i can´t send the actual physical drawing, but if you are interested, send me a note or email.
OFF… , working in new collab with newsha<3