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empty corridors

And we fall through empty corridors
And we talk in useless metaphors
Yeah we fall through empty corridors " ben howard - empty corridos

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this is the drawing style im trying to get to, amazing ~…
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Very touching.
Beautiful drawing and beautiful poem.
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Your technique is amazing!
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This is a lovely sketch, I love the simplicity of the lines
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Always fall in love with your sketches. 
Very sensitive, nice job
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...everything is perfect...nice work...:heart:
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You make the most rough scribbles..... and give them a beautiful purpose.... I love the way you draw. It's so rough yet lovably addictively beautiful.
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Of course you talented person XD
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I really love your drawing style, especially how the noses look uwu
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Your drawing style is so pretty! >w< I love the way you shade and outline!
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thank youu n___n
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Excellent! Lovely!
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ahsljfslkfalkhsadjfoafs this is beautiful
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I love your lines, very well done :)
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