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Hey guys!, Here is my Modern Wendy, I don´t know why I have not done her yet, it was so much fun, specially the hair.
She is part of current Term 23 at my Patreon  . Video process, High Res, Color Palette & more on this piece there as rewards.

Have a lovely day!

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She was already like that when she was a (semi)child. What Peter saw in her I don't even want to know.
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:O Super accurate! :D
Nice art. I was hoping to see elena of avalor
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I've never seen someone do one of these for Wendy before! She looks so lovely.
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Perfect! Just Perfect! 
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OMG Wendy looks Amazing!!! Love her outfit!! But may I ask I see her "P" pendent for Peter but does the middle pendent on her necklace represent anything I can't quite make it out? I always get so excited when I see a new piece of yours in my inbox!!!:excited::w00t: Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!:clap:
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There's a P for Peter pan, it's jut on the side.

enteringmymind's avatar

Oh so there are two P's :)

fdasuarez's avatar
awww Thank you so much!!, and no that was just the P for Peter the other was just a little gemstone (: 
enteringmymind's avatar
Oh thank you so much for the reply and clarification!!!:hug::blowkiss:
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Nice work! I like how you choosen colours
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I recognized her as soon as I opened the image. Her face is spot-on!!
fdasuarez's avatar
Thank you very much!! n__n
moxiee's avatar
Love the outfit
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Such a classy outfit. :)

fdasuarez's avatar
Thank you very much!! :)
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
You're welcome. :)

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This is exactly how I imagined a teen Wendy, great job ! 
Now that you've done all the heroines I'd love to see some of the princes & heroes ~
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Thank you very much!! I am glad T___T, and yeees! I plant to
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