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Hey guys!, 
Here is my Modern Tinkerbell!, I love this character n__n -
She is part of current Term 12! at my Patreon  . Video process, High Res, Color Palette, Psd file & more on this piece there as rewards.

Have a lovely day!

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The hair looks great and her "sparkles" as a tattoo, was a great creative choice. You are very talented!

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I can see Taylor Swift here... ;-)

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I've just discovered this series and I have to say that I'm in love with it!
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i'm in love with your work! u are an genius! <3 
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Love it, you might already know this but the original Disney Tinkerbell was supposedly based on Marilyn Monroe.
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Stunning artwork, superb art. Clap Clap Clap 
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Think is ADORABLE, I love this series 
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She looks so amazing, just perfect, great work and well done! C:
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She's super cute! Have you considered doing Tiger Lily or Wendy?
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I love them all so much!! will you do vanellope von schweetz? *_*
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Thank you Daniela!! n___n , and yes! I plan to make her as well :)
Well when you do create one for beast PLEASE make his human version more attractive than his Disney version. That was the one thing that bugged me about that movie. His animal version was more attractive than his human self (at least to me). And I kind of hope you do his animal version too!
Just like Tink...ADORABLE!!! If you were to create a modern version of one of the male heros of Disney who would it be?
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mmmm I dont know!, so hard to pick just one, maybe beast or simba
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Very good drawing, sensual girl
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Wow, this is so epic! Wow!
I appreciate Tinkerbell
Classic cool and gorgeous
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