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Snow white

study of a screencap from the movie Snow White and the huntsman *____*

photoshop cs5, wacom tablet
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Well done. Great job.
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Was never a fan of the movie and I can think of a few reasons why Kristen Stewart managed to get into movies, but still this is a great piece of work. 
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You have a lot of potential in drawing ! It's look like a photo, it's amazing !
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love the detail
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It has been witnessed! This chick has facial expression! haha
Wonderful work, im envious and inspired!
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No. I don't believe it. This has to be a photograph. It's just too good!!
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... I could have sworn this were a photo... Simply incredible!
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It's amazing!

Though i'm still dying of laughter, when i look at her ears. >.>
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I have believed this was a photo ! Incredible
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...amazing :heart:
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I tough it was a photo!
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adds double love amazing expression and all lol
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This is one of my favorite things right now, it's so expressive, Kristen Stewart can have the best facial expressions sometimes, DEM EYEBROWS,

but seriously, I love this a lot, you are so talented
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Wow, seriously wow. You know, I heard you can see her shagging the director in the dvd special features... too soon?
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Amazing. It looks so realistic. I first thought it was a photo ;)
Great work!!
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You made her look prettier ;)
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first i thought that it was a photo,omg this is sooo awesome *_*you are very talented
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That's so amazing!! I seriously thought it was a photo. You have a great talent!
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omfg thank youuuu
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