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Sleight of hand

If you would like to support my work and learn through my process please consider cheking my  Patreon  <3 

Hey guys! <3, I had been feeling like doing a red hood piece for a while and enjoyed this tons!, it did took me forever though lol. I hope you like it! it!. 
This is part of current Term 22 of April at my Patreon ,Video Process, High Res file, PSD file, Color palette of this piece & more this month as rewards at Patreon  . Cheers!

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"Did you catch yourself in the mirror?
It's a sight I understand
You considered it all for a second
And put it down to slight of hand

You know I've been running 'round for hours
Calling my egyptian blood to bear me flowers
Calling sophia, goddess of power" Laura Marling - The Beast
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Thank youu! <3

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Great ! not only the art, but the history behind !

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that wolf doesn't know what's coming to him lmao
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Très réussi ! ^^
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I know this is more red riding hood, but I get Arya Stark vibes as well 
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A phenomenal piece!!!!
one of my few favorits :)
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A gorgeous work ! Heart Heart Heart 
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Wow!! Love this!! Love the colors, and the texture on her clothing. Nice work!!
bookiesdoodles's avatar
whoa this looks so awesome!! (as always)
979Ropemaker's avatar
You are a genius!
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Good placement of the subject, and the foreground. Gives an ominous feeling, with the wolf behind Red Riding Hood. Keep it up! :D
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Thank you very much !!
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thats a cool piece. How long did it take?
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Around 25 hours :)
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I've always liked pictures of Red Riding Hood with a twist!
She's no helpless little girl in need of rescue but a strong woman who can fight for her self!

GOD bless
John 3:16 
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Thank you very much !! same me :) 
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So beautiful! 🐺
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Thank you very much !!
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heeeere puppy puppy puppy...
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