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Hey everyone! (:, 
Here is my Modern Scar, continuing my Modern Villains. , I hope you like it!, it was so much fun to make.
He is part of current Term 09! at my Patreon  . Video process, High Res, Color Palette, Psd file & more on this piece there.

Have a lovely day!

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Cruella by fdasuarez

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He looks incredible. My favourite.

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Wow. I don't think I have ever seen a humanoid look so close to a completely inhuman character before. Somehow this image truely captures Scar in every way. Well done.
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Okay Scar is totally hot!
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Waaaaa he is so cool!
That's sad you do mostly women, your mans are pretty good too!
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Well, he's going to be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the 2019, so Scar being portrayed as African British instead of inexplicably Caucasian British in an African setting while his brother is African American and his nephew somehow has not inherited either of his parents' accents in spite of being their son.
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Uh, accents are not inherited, they are learned... and if you're attempting to make a Black Panther reference i suggest you rewatch the movie because nobody in that is caucasian...
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 Oh my gosh so cool! I love how you added the lion guard tattoo very nice! Scar icon 
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i would love to see your take on captain hook :)
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OMG. This is amazing. I love the colors and the shirt.
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Thank you !!! :3
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L i l   S c a r 
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Scar was always my favorite Lion King character.
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Scar is fine as hell! I love how intense his stare is, like he's looking right into my soul.
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oh sweetie youve outdone yourself!
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this one is the coolest of all the villains you've rendered
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Oh, god... how sexy
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Why is it all the humanized Scars I come across are so dang hot?!
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I am constantly lost for words when it comes to this series!!!! You are always on point with each character!!! Keep up the Fantastic work!!!!:clap:
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Thank you so much!<333
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oh my god, i cannot explain how much i adore this piece!! the eyes!! the hair the clothes the SCAR everything makes him look like a lion in a way or another!! keep it up, LOVE your art work <3 <3 <3 
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you are so kind thank you so much!! n__n
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