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Evil Queen

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Hey guys !, 
here it is my Modern Evil Queen n__n. She is part of current Term 11! at my Patreon   . Video process, High Res, Color Palette, Psd file & more on this piece there as rewards.

Have a lovely day!

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Hades by fdasuarez   Scar by fdasuarez   Cruella by fdasuarez

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She looks beautiful!

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Let’s be honest, her hag form would need dentures to be believable. Even a homeless bag lady can get cheep dentures from volunteer dental charities fairly easily these days.
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Those eyes alone...
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Love this wish you do maleficent tho 
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I can't wait to see you do professor Facilier
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Maleficent please?
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you are INSANELY skilled. i've been going through this series with my jaw on the floor for like half an hour
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aww thank you so much!!
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So much amazingness put into this. You rock at this exercise! Can't wait to see what other modernization you come up with!
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thank you so much :3
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Once again you out do yourself!! How creative with the shadow!!!:omfg: Please tell me that you plan to do Yzma from Emperor's New Groove!:fingerscrossed:
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Thank you!! :) , and I will try!
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I love how the shadow is her as the old woman. Amazing! :D
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holy @#$@# she's amazing
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thank you!! <3
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Just perfect!!! It is not only the fact that you turn them into our era but also Observe the make up! just perfect!! And don't let me start about their essence!!! I feel it is them,either it is the princesses or the villains!! Just great!!! <3
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Thank you so much! :D!! <3
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