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If you enjoy my work and want to help me create more of this series please consider supporting my  Patreon  and get exclusive content as rewards <3 

Hey guys! I will add a couple of Villains to my Modern series and Cruella is first!.
I hope you all have a lovely Happy New Year!, I will see you on 2018 .

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Also!, I have a Calendar available with all my Modern Princesses:

Modern Princesses Calendar by fdasuarez

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Me hace acordar a mi tia, XD

Pero me encanta como representaste el personaje, realmente le hace justicia el retrato. Me encanta.

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jajajaja! gracias!!

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Fashion industry is pretty much the same since the 60’s. Not much to update.
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wow amazing work !

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Wow....All  these reimagined Disneys of yours are so crazy !
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I love this piece. I need to know the model for her. I recognize the face but can't remember the name or movies she's been in. :/
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I love it, she's fabulous! ^_^
In fact the only problem is that she's too pretty compared to the original xD
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hahaha thank you!!
LauraRamirez's avatar
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Hah, for a moment I thought I was looking at Erin Richards (the actress). Perhaps that's a sign! ;-)
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She is stunning! You make her so sexy Clap 
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Now I imagine Shannyn Sossamon playing her in some movie. With this exact style.
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Her hair is just PERFECT. There's no way this can be bested.
Althout this modernization of Disney princesses is something many artists have done, your style makes them outstanding. No other versions will ever be better than yours. I LOVE them. All of them.
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thank you so much!!! n___n
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I love it it Perfect 
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Seeing as she wasn't exactly a beauty queen in the original canon, this could actually be her in her youth. It'd make sense that a woman that powerful and obsessed with beauty would become distraught at the mere sign of ageing, and start using cosmetic surgery to prevent it, until she became the person she was in canon. ... Then again, Meryl Streep played her in the Live-Action movies and she's gorgeous so it might all be up to how the producers and director pictures her? :/
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Meryl Streep? It was Glenn Close XD
LongLiveHarryPotter7's avatar
Woopsies, shows how much I know X'D
QueenTiffle's avatar
Still, it’d be hella cool to see her play Cruella XDD
fdasuarez's avatar
I loveee that idea O: ! I would love to think that it was as you said
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Lovely artwork.

Fantastic job.

Clap Clap Clap 
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