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Continuing my Modern Princesses series , here is Belle :)

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Pocahontas by fdasuarez  Mulan by fdasuarez  Cinderella by fdasuarez
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She is so real. The denim!

LizzyChrome's avatar

Can anyone tell me what it says on the visible page of the book? I zoomed in but it's too blurry.

SirAggy's avatar
It makes me think if Belle were around for 2000s, love it so much!
Vidarstormgod's avatar

Man...she looks awesome! Was always my favorite

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Funny how she reminds me a bit of the beast. Her hair un the back

Hi! I'm just a concerned fan of art. There is a company or cosmetic brand in the Philippines using your modern disney princess version. I'm just letting you know if you gave them permission. Thanks!

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Ugh!! I have been noticed, is so frustrating, I am trying to do as much as I can to stop them, they are doing it without any permission

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Looks like Emma Watson!
Amaryn-Philomena's avatar
I adore Belle's tomboyishness.
Lady-Oolong's avatar
She's lovely ♥♥
PharmacistWhoDraws's avatar
I love it. What book is she reading? I tried to zoom in but I can't make out the words
fdasuarez's avatar
In my mind is The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights) :)
PharmacistWhoDraws's avatar
Cool! It sounds like something she would enjoy :) Books are awesome
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Pretty drawing of her. :)
CarolinesEcho's avatar
Love how fierce she is in this. The rose patch on the jacket is a nice touch.
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
As my favourite Disney Princess from my favourite Disney Movie, I really have to squee at the afformentioned special features, which I had brought up on your Ariel Artwork, for this particular piece :squee:
The Embroidery on her jacket is a rose! Said Rose has a stained-glass-window-esque design! And she's carrying a Book! la in love 

Oh c**p, not again...Faint [YT Tobuscus]
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ayyy she looks like me :D
DoubleGa's avatar
She looks so pretty!
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She DOES look a lot like Hermione. Was it intentional? 
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