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the 4th teaser has been relesed. :) http://www.newsarama.com/comics/090327-invincible-teaser-4.html
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story ROBERT KIRKMAN, art & cover RYAN OTTLEY & FCO PLASCENCIA 40 PAGES, FC, $3.99 THE CROSSOVER EVENT OF THE DECADE! Invincible is drawn into a company-wide crossover event done in ONE oversized issue! SPAWN! SAVAGE DRAGON! YOUNGBLOOD! SHADOWHAWK! CYBERFORCE! PITT! ULTRA! and many, many more all here for one issue – don’t miss it! SPECIAL FOUR-PAGE GATEFOLD COVER BY RYAN OTTLEY AND FCO PLASCENCIA! On sale this week! (march 18th, 2009) I cant't seem to make work the link at cbr. this should take you to image comics page : http://imagecomics.com/schedule.php?week=#8294
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finding time!

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I'm really working hard to get my coloring work on time, so I can work out and get healtier, I was a bit sick a couple weeks ago, because I didn't took care of myself hahaha. but I'm figuring out how to get way better organized and also finding some time to draw again :) I'll try to upload more often here, and also my blog, which I paused for a while. cheers!
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Big fans with your coloring style, especially on Invincible. that was great 
Soy un gran admirador de su trabajo señor Placencia, quizá no lea esto, pero, lo pondré de todas maneras, yo también estudiaré diseño gráfico en la universidad DeLaSalle Bajio, estoy muy emocionado por entrar y quiero llegar a ser un gran artista como usted :D

Luis Enrique Gutiérrez  
I'm throwing a new art contest for my superheroines Fury and Justice Girl!  I'd love you to be a part of it.
Thank you kindly for the watch and support of my work, greatly appreciated!!
Thanks for the fave  :)
Hola Fco,
Yo soy un gran fan, no me di cuenta que está en Deviant Art, pero me emocionó que usted es. He estado siguiendo su trabajo durante años. Me siento como si realmente renovado todo el aspecto de Invincible. Ahí es donde vi por primera vez su trabajo. Ahora en Batman estoy aún más impresionado por su habilidad, ya que los dos libros se ven tan totalmente diferente. Realmente me gustaría dar color comic también, pensamientos o ideas sobre cómo lograr ese objetivo.
Brad Eastburn
PD Te agregué a mi lista de vigilancia.
Hi Fco,
I am a huge fan, I did not realize you are on Deviant Art, but I thrilled that you are.  I have been following your work for years.  I feel like you really revamped the whole look of Invincible.  That is where I first saw your work.  Now on Batman I am even more blown away by your skill, because the two books look so entirely different.  I would really like to do the work you do;  Coloring comics, any thoughts or ideas on how to achieve that goal.
Brad Eastburn 
P.S.  I added you to my watch list.