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The contest is now closed!So no more entries will be acepted.

Thanks to everyone who joined and I'm proud to say we had  67 entries and 40 contestants!

:star:Now give me some time to check all of them and pick the winners meanwhile enjoy a lama!
(I'll be inactive for some days so please be patient,those who entries aren't added here don't worry you are in, I'm just too busy to add and comment for now but I wont start judging without adding them):star:
Hello my beloved ones!Told you I was planning about a contest and here it is!
:bulletpurple:EDIT:I recently won some contests and donated the prizes to my own contest so check below for the update!
EDIT2:I'm extending the deadline due to requests and also I'm inactive for the entire week so I can't make the prizes etc.

Contest banner 1 by FCNart
:bulletpurple:Is there a special song that you love?Is there a song that makes you feel different,tells a story of you?Then what are you waiting for!JOIN!
:bulletpurple:The contest theme is this:


Character sheet :Sanni by FCNart
This is Sanni! *Watch it this is not her main outfit,is just the school uniform* All the basic info about her you may find it in this picture description.Also you have a plenty of outfits to draw her in!Or you can draw her with a new one!For further info about her check my… or my manga:…
2 by FCNart
:bulletpurple:You must draw Sanni.
:bulletpurple:You must chose a song to dedicate your picture to(*this is a must because is way more creative and emotional for the artist)

:bulletpurple:Contest  ends February 21-th! 

We are one Sanni... by FCNart
Yes I extended the deadline
:bulletpurple:Yes,crossovers are acceptable.
:bulletpurple:Avoid blood and Gore,a little bit is ok but don't massacre my Sanni ^^;
:bulletpurple:A little bit of nudity is ok too,just no porn stuff.
:bulletpurple:You may design her outfit,may draw her with my other Oc and design them to.
:bulletpurple:Any media is acceptable,traditional/digital/mixed/cosplay*I would looooove to see one TT_TT
:bulletpurple: To Background or to not Background?Well that's up to you,but a nice Bg is a  "extra"-chance for you to win ;).
Though even simple gradient's/patters are accepted!
:bulletpurple: Unlimited entries.
:bulletpurple:Link the song in your picture description(*and please if you want feature this journal entry too,so more people can see*this is not obligatory)
Kawaii Girl by FCNart


I will be the only judge of the contest so don't worry there will be no influences from other artist ^v^.
The work will be judged for the :
0riginality- *Sanni is a very simple looking character and making a picture look interesting with her is pretty hard,so I'm very curious to see how you are going to deal with this (lol forgive me T_T for being so evil)
Style-you don't really have to reproduce perfectly my style cuz whats the point of making a contest or make you draw my character!I want your style!I want you to draw Sanni in your way! :D
Theme-Yep this is really important!Obviously you get lot's of extra from those above and your art skill,but the reproduction of the song you chose in your picture is one of the things that I'm really looking forward!I shall hear the song while judging so make sure to leave the link in the description!


There will be 3-winners and 10-runners up!
All the participating artist shall receive a lama *a sort of "thank you"for joining! :D
from me and from CrazyOldDude
-Three month premium from me
-200 :points: from Nayshou
-Three month premium from BenikoWakahisa 
-Full body coloured picture from me!
-Chibi drawing with colours no BG from me.
-Chibi drawing from Himechui
-Chibi no BG from IcyLou
-Pixel Icon IcyLou
-Full body with a background by prezial
-Chibi from amyangel248
-Picture from Inkaille
- Portrait commission from Lulolana
-Request from MiraiParasol
-Feature in my profile
-Cell Shaded Full Body donated byMira-Lamai
-Llama from Narzik
-Llama from Wioel
-Halfbody colored commission Narzik
-Feature from IokoThePanda
-Sketch request from PrinceSting
-Half-body Drawing from nikirik0
-Digital Full Body donated byBbyBluu
-Half Body with Simple Background from KuumiArt
-Waist up drawing with colours no BG from me.
-A chibi drawing with no BG picture from me
-Pixel Icon from IcyLou
-Full Body (No BG) donated by25-3box
-Feature in my profile
-Llama from Narzik
-Llama from Wioel
-Full body from prezial
-Halfbody shaded commission from Narzik
-Feature from IokoThePanda
-Full body colored chibi from MiraiParasol
-Sketch Request from PrinceSting
-Full Body from Lamb-Charmer
-Request with up to three characters (Full color and shade) xAuraSolarisx
-Full body drawing fromSweetOrenji
-Coloured Chibi from jesha-bp
-A chibi drawing with no Bg from me.
-A simple flat colours sketch picture.
-Feature in my profile.
-Llama from Narzik
-Llama from Wioel
-Halfbody sketch commission from Narzik
-Feature from IokoThePanda
- Waist Up CG by aikoru
-Full-body Sketch from AngelMarieTuran
-Sketchy Chibi Batch from roseycrystals730
-Pixel Icon donated byBezobraznik
-Half body drawing from Kro406
-Chibi from prezial
-Each of them will receive 10:points:
- A feature in my journal!
-Llama from Narzik
-Llama from Wioel
-Feature from IokoThePanda
-Full body sketch from prezial
:bulletpurple:If anyone wants to contribute with points and prizes please note me.I really need your help!This is all I can do as a single artist ,plus I don't have much left from my last donations TT_TT so this is all I can do.I shall feature you to the donors list and in my journals.Help me spread the word is my first contest ^^;

Thanks for reading dear random deviant,if  you want to help me without having to contribute,add this journal to your favs so more people can see!



Where To Find Me

Also kik me at> FCN_Art (only about art)

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Didgeredoos's avatar
Just in case you didn't get my note, here's my entry
I had so much fun drawing Sanni <3
FCNart's avatar
Added thanks for jjoining :heart:
Didgeredoos's avatar
My pleasure :la: This was so much fun!
cennie's avatar
i finished my artwork one day ago.. but i don't know how to submit it haha
i think i have to post it here? :)…
FCNart's avatar
No problem I added it :heart:
KeYashu's avatar
Damn,this contest is burning with participations! good luck everybody!
Skunkyfly's avatar
finnaly.. I can Finish my second entry on time! happy cry XD 
my entry :

Hope you like it Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
khrevolutions's avatar
Okie dokie, here's my entry, I tried my best~ Emoji04 

Skunkyfly's avatar
I'm in progress to make my 2nd entry. but I think I couldn't finish it on time Bunny Emoji-37 (Whining) [V2] . Would you can to give  me extend until this Saturday, sensei? Tooth Fairy 3 
FCNart's avatar
Hum ok since you started it ^^; I guess I can do that :hug:
Skunkyfly's avatar
oh, uhm wait. I mean until next Tuesday . I have so many job at home. and... waaaaBunny Girl Emoji-49 (Crying) [V3] 
Didgeredoos's avatar
As soon as I get back from class today, I'm going to start my entry! I hope I can finish it on time.
FCNart's avatar
Thanks for the lovely entry and sorry for the late reply :heart:
FCNart's avatar
Thankies sweetie I added it :heart:
AnEclipseAtdusk's avatar
Ah! I finished my second entry but for some reason it wont post....T_T I sent a note asking for help but I haven't gotten any response.... I think it might just be my computer. Is there any possible way I could post it tomorrow? Me and my brother have to take a trip to the library and I could post it there....:iconbegplz: Please...?
FCNart's avatar
Hum well since you finished it today I guess I can consider it in,but hope you can fix that for tomorrow as I need to start checking the entries to pick the winners QuQ
AnEclipseAtdusk's avatar
I found I way to post!!!~ Here you go~ XD…
FCNart's avatar
Added it cupcake :heart:
Makouluvs's avatar
I will try my best on this!I am a dummy! 
FCNart's avatar
Yay can't wait!!!!:heart:
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