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You can download it by visiting its official website: 

The new version has many upgrades:

Some words were hidden by * in order to avoid spoilers for people who yet have to play the game (who had already played it will easily guess which are the hidden words): 
- some custom menus were clunky by not allowing the player to move easily from their respective last entry to the first one or to exit automatically from them unless returning the cursor to their top while now it's possible to move easily and directly between the first and the last and also to exit the menu screen by pressing a cancel key; 
- there was a now-fixed big bug concerning in some cases the permanent condition of certain party members not gaining their respective new skills by leveling up; 
- you can now switch between g****, g**** and s***** without needing to remove the currently equipped one first; 
- healing places/spots now heals even the members out of the active party; 
- S****'s trick (skill) "P*****" is now more balanced by costing less MP (Magic Points) than before to be performed; 
- some new NPCs are now added in order to give the player hints or guidance into solving some quests involving the search of items/characters or how to pass through certain parts of the game; 
- other new NPCs are also added in order to give the player some more details about the story as an extra-feature or simply for cameos purpose; 
- in certain mini-games the graphics were changed and/or the speed was decreased in order to make them easier on the eyes; 
- the time limit to complete certain mini-games (the ones which were revealed to be too difficult) has now increased; 
- mini-games that required the use of the SHIFT key now use ESC instead to avoid keyboard involuntary misuse issues; 
- the countdown background music during the "J**-K**-P* Tournament" is now shortened for taking too much time before completing each match; 
- some of the puzzles mechanisms were simplified or more hints are given to solve them; 
- some map "traps" were simplified; 
- some paths which were unecessary long (sometimes even with dead ends) were shortened; 
- just before some "jump & run" sections inside dungeons, new save points were added; 
- new reminders to save before attempting areas with chances of sudden "Game Over" were added; 
- now there's even an Item Shop inside of the A*** C******m; 
- breakable accessories (equipment) now tells how long they last in their description; 
- some items which didn’t work like their description advertised now do; 
- a gameplay feature called "GP T****s", differently than before, now allows to choose how much to deposit or take; 
- when getting extra GP after battles from special equipped items, the game doesn’t stop anymore to display a special message; 
- one of the last special weapons you can obtain is not so overpowered as it was before; 
- several smaller bugs were fixed, especially in the second half of the game. 

Basic download: contains only the full-playable current (updated) version of the game and the resources needed for troubleshooting (163 MB RAR ARCHIVE). 

Extra download: has the same contents of the basic download and contains also: 
- art gallery; 
- 4 MWRPG demos; 
- icons; 
- original soundtrack (by Vincenzo Colella); 
- packages (DVD Booklet, DVD Case Cover and DVD Label); 
- pixel art; 
- videos; 
- WonderBoy - The Sword of Legend (original and complete playable game by "The Cyberlynx". 

We hope you enjoy the game!
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This journal is about nothing.
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She's very sick. Here's the link that explains all:

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The development of "Monster World RPG" has entered its final phases. Be patient and just wait a little longer . . .

For now you can play with the four demos listed below wich were describred in previous journal entries:

1 - MWPRG: First Chapter - 2005 old beta
The first release ever of Monster World RPG.

2 - MWPRG: Mini-Games Collection
Special demo version wich contains some mini-games.

3 - MWRPG: Chapter 3 preview demo
A feeling about how Chapter 3 will be like.

4 (NEW!!!) - MWRPG: Special Demo # 4
A feeling of how chapter 4 will be like.


Keep following my page for new screenshots of the game.
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Monster World RPG (MWRPG for short) is a new free rpg videogame developed with RpgMaker2003.

The place is Aqua Kingdom.
The hero of this story, Max, lives in the Valley of Peace near Purapril, the capital.
Since his friend Shion left for Purapril to do his knight duties, Max life got boring. A morning while hunting in the woods he found a strange creature he never seen before. Unsure about the creature's "taste" he decided to avoid making it his meal, but keep it as his pet. Now that he has a "party member" he decide that's time for him to leave the valley for a more exciting life. He decide to go to Purapril to meet again his friend Shion but while attemping to enter into the city two guards block his way forcing him to travel somewhere else. Where will Max go now? Will Max be able to enter in town? And what is happening there? Unbeknowst to him his "adventurous life" has already begun . . .
- colorful graphics & sprites bigger than normal for a rpgmaker videogame;
- custom menu with info about monster, info, character (online guide);
- full customizable hero with spells, gears and genes;
- every party members has his unique mini-game to play;
- Wonder Boy & Monster World fans can't miss this game!

Monster World RPG demo #1: 2005 old beta

What is featured now is the first release ever of Monster World RPG, released in May of 2005. This old version is available as a bonus, for "historical" purposes so to say. It was made solely by Massimo, author and storyboarder of the game. About more of a year later Fernando got in touch with him, as he needed help to continue the game. And so, Max Team was born. With both of them the game kept on getting better over the years, as you will see by playing more recent demos that we will put online in the next days. So, if you're a Monster World RPG fan, or ust a curious person, you'll enjoy seeing how different the game was back in 2005.


Monster World RPG demo #2: mini-games collection

The game featured today is only a special demo version wich contains some mini-games and challenges from what will be the complete game that will be released witin the end of 2011. The real game is a much more complex rpg videogame, with over sixty different monsters, many villages, dungeons and more.


Monster World RPG demo # 3: chapter 3 preview demo

This "Monster World RPG" demo will give you a feeling about how Chapter 3 will be like. Chapter 3 is actually already finished and Chapter 4 is in the works for some time now. First of all, in order to avoid spoilers from the full game, pretty much no story details will be given on this demo. So don't get surprised if dialogues seems short or rushed. Also, some skills and weapons won't be available, just like some areas can't be reached. Everything will be present and working in the full game though. For now, enjoy this small taste of Chapter 3. Have fun!

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