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Unreal Taric

By Fch3ck
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Ok, this is the last post I will make with this model, I promise. =3

Threw Taric into Unreal 4 real quick to see how his normals turned out and what he would look like with some lighting. I didn't change the textures any from the original, just added a metalness and spec map. Looks like I should have pushed the sculpt on the cloak way more. Will keep that in mind on the next project.

Turnaround GIF6

Modeled in Maya, Zbrush
Textured with Photoshop
Rendered in Unreal 4
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Please let me have these files to see if i can rig them to the real taric! :O
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Very good job!
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DUUUUUUUDE, this armor look exactly like the draenei's armor from WoW. Awesoooooome.
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aaaaand this is why Riot needs to scrap it's creative design team and hire new people.
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nooooo, they have a good team of very talented people. They can just be a little slow, but that happens when you have to try and please millions of players. Wink/Razz  And to be fair this is rendered in a very different way then League. 
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I can only wish
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Beautiful work :)

I have a technical question, how do you make a picture within the Engine? Are you using a background with a solid color or is it possible to make a transparent background?
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Thanks Pix, as for you question I just built the lights on the model with the sky sphere visible, to preserve all the lighting, and then turned off its visibility. Same with the atmospheric fog, once both of those are off the default background is black.

Though now that I think about it, you don't HAVE to do all that, I just like lighting against a black background. What really matters is there is a screenshot taking tool. Once you have the High Resolution Screenshot control panel open, you can set it so that you can take a screenshot that is many times bigger then your current screen and if you check the box "include buffer visualization targets" then it will save out render passes, separate spec, metalness, base color, and masks. With those you can comp everything in Photoshop however you want. 

Hope that helps. =P
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This is really helpful, thanks a lot :D 
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Thanks man. I would love to see your Caitlyn rendered out like this, making a normal map for her would be a pain though. =(
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Indeed a huge pain. I can do that on Miss Fortune but i better make 2 versions of a model that i am working on atm - handpainted and PBR version. It would be fun to learn and practice PBR with metalness workflow. 
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I hear ya, seems like every engine is moving towards the PBR way of doing things. Have to adapt and keep up. Luckily its not too big of a change, an extra map, metalness, and more attention given to the roughness map, since the metalness is driven so strongly by it. I look forward to seeing what you make. Wink/Razz 
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I have a feeling that you have a good knowledge of that PBR stuff - if you don't mind i will ask you to give me some crit later when i will create a WIP thread on polycount or with a note here or PM if you more comfortable with keeping things private. Need to learn fast and relocate somewhere until things haven't changed with my country way too much... 
I haven't even made a portfolio with oldschool stuff and here we go - PBR. Started too late with 3d :D I hope i will not fail with that new workflow. At least fail but not to hard, haha :D
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Well I am no expert at PBR, just know the basics, but I offer whatever knowledge I do have. Whenever you want a crit just let me know, on poly, here, wherever. ;P

Also I wouldn't worry to much about the whole PBR stuff and your portfolio. The way I see it, as more realistic graphics are easier to achieve with new workflows like PBR, the demand for people who can do stylized and painter work will stay the same or in fact go up. If realistic graphics become more and more common, then there will also be a lot of studio that will want to make a more stylized/handpainted looking game to stand out and be unique.

The work you have done on characters like Caitlyn will always be worth showing, in fact, stylized work like that usually lasts longer then realistic stuff. Think about how games that aimed to be realistic in the past look very dated now, while stylized games like wind waker or mario 64 can still be played and enjoyed. Anyway, that's just my rambling thoughts on things. Meow :3 
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That's a deal :D

I want to put some solid looking PBR just to show that i'm familiar with that workflow, main thing will be handpainted stuff. I guess that is my strong side as a 2d artist with years of experience. I agree that at some point handpainted stuff is bit harder to create without strong 2d background and all that fancy shading are bit easier to create cos almost the half of job done by engine. I often see great sculpts that unfortunately lose impact after texturing, especially when final result have flat shading. Now that i'm thinking about it i feel that people who can paint models will always be needed. And less and less young artists put their energy on handpainted direction - all that new technologies so eye catchy! Well, it may sound a little selfish but it's better for us in the end - more jobs, haha :)

I am 100% agree that stylized games lives much longer and looks good much longer (or forever like in your examples) and all that cutting edge graphics in 2-4 years looks very old. I myself like stylized games more cos i see fancy graphics that want to be as real as possible and most of the times it becomes tech demo for engine and lose the charm. If i see stylized graphics for me it look more believable and it's much easier to accept it as it is with all differences from reality and just enjoy it. In cutting edge realistic picture my mind is always looking for differences and think "yes yes, it looks almost real but i can feel that something is wrong" what in the end getting in the way of just enjoying the game. And that is my random thoughts on things ;)
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hehe, through your whole first paragraph I was thinking, man.....I am screwed. I am more of a sculptor myself, can't paint half as good as you, I def rely on the engine for help.Sweating a little...  But that just means I expect lots of critics from you whenever I do try and hand paint stuff. ;P 
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....La la la la

That's it. I give up! 

Absolutely spiffing work as usual!! Now will someone please break his fingers so the rest of us can catch up! xP
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b....b.....but I like my fingers. Waaaah! 
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