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Taric Visual Update

By Fch3ck
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This is my final entry for the Riot art contest that was held over at the Polycount Forums. The goal was to recreate an existing League of Legends character or a new skin for an existing character. I choose to do a visual update for their character Taric. To keep with the style of the league of legends game all final renders are unlit with just pure Diffuse texture.

And for those interested, you can see the whole process on how he was made here, www.polycount.com/forum/showth…

Modeled in Maya/Zbrush
Textured with Photoshop

Taric In-Game
Taric Hi-Res Sculpt
Taric Breakdown

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Well, I was happy about Taric's rework until I remembered this masterpiece...
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Definitely prefer this to his actual rework!
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Thanks. I admit I find the official rework a bit lackluster. =/
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Man, this is dope!
It'd really be great seeing Taric redesigned like this.
Fch3ck's avatar
Thanks. I am sure Riot's redesign will be cool too, you know, when they make it 5 years from now. Wink/Razz 
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It's not exactly 5 years from then, but they are gonna make it and really soon. And I hope it would be as good as yours, they could, and maybe even should, borrow some ideas from you.
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OMG I want this to happen so bad!! Taric needs improvement so bad rn!! Rito PLz
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Too much gold makes for a slightly too Garen-esque model but other than that this is pretty fucking fabulous.
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This is both really good and needed, but with his colourscheme, it portais him as a Demacian wich Taric isn't.
RadiantGuardian's avatar
Actually, if you take a look at his lore, it stands that Taric's hometown is probably Demacia :D
metalshadowinsanity's avatar
Actually, he's from Mount Targon as of his new lore. 
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i really wish rito would open up... your work would save them alot of trouble when it comes to visually updateing taric XD hell, id even give u a job if i was a riot employee
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sorry to ask but can you make it work in game as costum skin and uploud it on leaguecraft? PLS

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I have been talking about your concept for aaages! I'm trying not to get too attached to these amazing concept but at the same time, I'm just in love with how you re-imagined him! His facial structure is quite unique and he's so handsome! Rito please!
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Thanks so much! Even though he didn't make the final cut I am glad I was still able to share him with so many people. =D
crying-king-art's avatar
Awww he didn't? That's seriously depressing, man :(
Fch3ck's avatar
haha its ok, there was a ton of great entries and hats off to the winners they were good, I don't feel bad losing to them. =)
crying-king-art's avatar
Hehe true! They really were great ^^ I still loved yours the best though :)
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That is one badass paladin, holy cow.
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I love Taric, and the old Art is... old. This is AWESOME!
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Haha thank you. =D
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This sir, is truly Fabulous. It's extremely well done, and honestly looks good enough to have been done by Riot Games themselves and be in the game with very little touching up. The quality blows me away, I can definitely appreciate the amount of work you put into it. Keep up the good work and good luck in future projects! (Please Hire Rito!) 

PS. Sorry for re-post, just thought I'd put this here as well as on the other picture.

PPS. How long did this project take and how long do projects like this take generally?
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