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Natures Essence (U.M.C.A)

To be free means to remain wise, to be able to listen, understand, and then make your move with a smile.
The wind runs into all nostrils sans judgement, replenishing the essence of bodies alike.  The Sun Crowns the heads of the Citizens of Planet Earth.   What more can I tell you my hasty little lads? The miracles of Nature's Essence rest before your eyes.
I do not know it all, afraid I am not.  I am simply a child guarded by Life, I listen and then I follow.
I am blessed with so much wealth, being the father of children on planet Earth.  I do not love them simply because they look good; I adore them because I see them for who they are... our future, our purpose. There be those who strive to make ends meet, and there be those whose life will never see an end; eternity within.
In Spirit I dance celebrating Life; with my breath I beautify your sight.
I know that I do not know, yet there is this wisdom within that tells me that I know.
I can think, I can see, I can breathe, I can speak, I can feel, I am alive.
My energy is directed towards one thing and one thing only, a solid foundation for the future.
The entire glory rest with the Living God, Nature's Essence has risen to the top.
Osahon Benjamin Idonije (Cs) (Founder/CEO of Nature's Essence, All Rights Reserved)

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July 7, 2012


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