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I'm a son of Earth.
Where do I come from ? what I did before ? Can this kind of question answer to the question "who I am" ... But I can tell more about what I do :
Finding inspiration wherever it lies ... everywhere. It takes only ears to listen, a mind to think, a heart to feel, a soul to make your spirit shine. Just following this idea, walking on this journey, and if the moment ask me to put something on a support , I'll be glad to share it with you ... gifted being.

"Be free, be creative, direct your energy"
-Nature's Essence (All Rights Reserved)

-FCF- (Anthony Segadaes, Artist at Nature's Essence)
Natures Essence (U.M.C.A) To be free means to remain wise, to be able to listen, understand, and then make your move with a smile. The wind runs into all nostrils sans judgement, replenishing the essence of bodies alike.  The Sun Crowns the heads of the Citizens of Planet Earth.   What more can I tell you my hasty little lads? The miracles of Nature's Essence rest before your eyes. I do not know it all, afraid I am not.  I am simply a child guarded by Life, I listen and then I follow. I am blessed with so much wealth, being the father of children on planet Earth.  I do not love them simply because they look good; I adore them because I se
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Everything deals with universal consciousness, as if many of us don't accept it, or are not aware of it. Universe made us in his own image, that's why Earth beings are so gifted and so unpredictable. The Universe doesn't care about scientific logical thinking. Universe is the first Artist. I made a highlight video to put this idea on the line, enjoy it, and feel free to comment on it. Thank you, have a nice journey. -FCF- --> Essence Of The Universe (link below) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onKWMRUUrp0 Music : Massive Attack - Teardrop (Chill out Version) Videos : National Geographic Channel - Journey to the edge of the Univer
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Some words ...

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Words don't replace acts (what you do). Acts can define movements ... But Acts can't target your true essence, it's just a mean to express things in a material world. Nothing material can describe who you really are. "Be" can explain a part of it (as if "Be" is just a word). But only the silent experience can "reveal" it. We "are" the experience in an ocean of thoughts. Have a nice day, and have fun !
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thanks for the fav and watch!:)
You are welcome ;)
And you are doing great, I really like what you do
thanks and i'm glag yo like my work!:)
Thanks for the Fantasy fave--Anthony
You're very welcome.
You do awesome work.
thanks and appreciated
Thanks for the watch:peace::iconxalltheyplz:Enjoy your day:D