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I have for you next (long-awaited) package of icons from the game League of Legends
My goal is to make all the characters and their skins : D D D

Thank you all for your support! ^^

Below is a list of characters included in the package:

- Aatrox / Aatrox Justicar
- Ahri Foxfire / Ahri Dynasty (Chinese artwork)
- Akali Blood Moon / Akali Crimson
- Amumu
- Anivia Bird of Prey / Anivia Blackfrost / Anivia Noxus Hunter / Anivia (Chinese artwork)
- Annie Panda / Annie Red Riding (Chinese artwork)
- Ashe / Ashe Woad / Ashe Freljord / Ashe Sherwood Forest
- Blitzcrank (Chinese Artwork) / iBlitzcrank / Blitzcrank Piltover
- Brand / Brand (Chinese artwork) / Brand Zombie
- Caitlyn / Caitlyn Arctic Warfare / Officer Caitlyn
- Cassiopeia Siren / Cassiopeia Jade-Fang (Lunar Revel)
- Darius Bioforge / Darius Woad King
- Diana Dark Valkyrie
- Dr Mundo
- Draven Gladiator
- Elise / Elise 2 / Elise Death Blossom
- Ezreal Pulsefire / Ezreal Pulsefire (without LoL logo) / Ezreal TPA / Ezreal Nottingham
- Fiddlestick Dark Candy
- Fiora Headmistress
- Fizz Fisherman / Fizz Atlantean
- Freliord / Freliord 2
- Galio Gatekeeper
- Garen Steel Legion
- Gragas Esq.
- Hecarim / Hecarim Reaper / Hecarim Arcade
- Irelia Frostblade
- Janna Frost Queen / Janna Forecast
- Jarvan IV Darkforge
- Jax Pax
- Jayce Full Metal / Jayce Debonair
- Karma
- Kassadin / Kassadin Deep One
- Katarina High Command / Katarina Stay Belle
- Kayle Battleborn (Chinese artwork) / Kayle Aether Wing
- Kha'Zix Mecha
- Kog'Maw Sonoran / Kog'Maw Lion Dance
- Lee Sin (Chinese artwork) / Lee Sin Acolyte / Lee Sin Muay Thai / Lee Sin (unofficial)
- Leona (Chinese atrwork) / Leona Defender
- Lissandra / Lissandra Bloodstone
- Lucian / Lucian 2 / Lucian Hired Gun
- Lulu / Lulu Dragon Trainer
- Lux / Lux Steel Legion
- Malphite Glacial
- Maokai
- Master Yi / Master Yi Headhunter (Chinese artwork) / Master Yi Chosen
- Miss Fortune
- Mordekaiser
- Morgana Ghost Bride
- Nami / Nami 2 / Nami 3
- Nasus Galactic / Nasus Dreadnight
- Nidalee / Nidalee Snow Bunny (Chinese artwork)
- Nocturne / Nocturne (Chinese artwork) / Nocturne Eternum
- Nunu / Nunu Bot
- Olaf / Brolaf
- Orianna TPA / Orianna (unofficial)
- Quinn & Valor / Quinn Phoenix
- Rammus Ninja
- Renekton Bloodfury
- Rengar Headhunter
- Riven / Riven Crimson Elite / Riven Battle Bunny / Riven Championship
- Ryze
- Sejuani / Sejuani Bear Cavalry / Sejuani Darkrider / Sejuani Darkrider (Chinese artwork)
- Shaco Masked
- Shen TPA
- Shyvana Ironscale / Shyvana Darkflame / Shyvana Ica Drake / Shyvana Boneclaw
- Singed Augmented
- Sion Warmonger
- Sivir Pax / Sivir Huntress
- Skarner
- Sona / Sona Arcade
- Soraka Celestine / Soraka Dryad
- Swain Tyrant
- Syndra Justicar
- Talon Dragonblade
- Taric Bloodstone
- Teemo Panda / Teemo Astronaut
- Thresh / Thresh Deep Terror / Thresh Demonic (unofficial)
- Tristana Rocket Girl
- Tryndamere Sultan
- Twisted Fate
- Twitch Vandal
- Udyr Spirit Guard
- Varus / Varus Arclight
- Vayne (Chinese artwork) / Vayne Dragonslayer
- Veigar White Mage / Veigar Laprechaun / Veigar Bad Santa
- Vi / Vi Neon Strike
- Viktor (Chinese artwork)
- Vladimir
- Volibear / Volibear Thunder Lord / Volibear Reneguard
- Warwick Hyena / Warwick Tundra Hunter
- Wukong / Wukong General / Wukong Jade Dragon
- Xerath
- Xin Zhao Warring Kingdoms
- Yorick (unofficial)
- Zac / Zac 2 / Zac Special Weapon
- Zed / Zed 2 / Zed Shockblade / Zed (unofficial)
- Ziggs

Enjooooy ;D
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Hi, great work.

Do you have hiresolution icons?

Axel-the-firedancer's avatar
Axel-the-firedancerHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you :)
mobilesolution1990's avatar
can i use it in my android app?
I will give a link to your site
AkariTakemura's avatar
AkariTakemuraHobbyist Digital Artist
HI! Amazing work!
Can you make Star Guardian Lux Icon pls? :3
saintlife's avatar
can i use the part of your icon?
i want to use name bar part (which displays AHRI, ANNIE, etc) for displaying summoner's name in my homepage.
if you allow me to use it, i'll put your link on help, external resources section.
Thank you! really nice work :)
fazie69's avatar
fazie69Professional Interface Designer
Np, just give me link.

saintlife's avatar
it's on development stage :)
your name bar part will be used in lol card.

Thank you again and good luck!
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just wanted to inform u, that I used some of ur icons for ur discussion fan Board.
u got linked in our site notice. Hope that is okay for u as u said feel free to use :-)

Archer3CL's avatar
Can I use it on my web site? really nice work
fazie69's avatar
fazie69Professional Interface Designer
Sure, just give me link ; )

Thank You : )
Archer3CL's avatar
its a work on progress fieldsofjustice.mx/.
Thanks =D
oufai's avatar
woooo cool :)
thanks for great work
kn0wsk1ll's avatar
zyra always gets left out of everything :( Awesome set none the less. Great Job.
Ph0enixrizing's avatar
Ph0enixrizingHobbyist Artist
can you download all the icons at once? ..or do you have to do them one at a time? would you mind showing me how to do this?
fazie69's avatar
fazie69Professional Interface Designer
Click on the "download" button. On the right side at the top.
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JenniiLaikaStudent Digital Artist
can i use it for my icon here (: 
Tiera-The-Yordle's avatar
Tiera-The-YordleHobbyist General Artist
Can you make a normal Cho'Gath please? 
fazie69's avatar
fazie69Professional Interface Designer
I rly cant cuz Cho with normal splash has a very bad quality to do icon.
Tiera-The-Yordle's avatar
Tiera-The-YordleHobbyist General Artist
Aww okay. :D 

I hope they re do it. It kinda needs an update eh?
fazie69's avatar
fazie69Professional Interface Designer
Yep! Update is here: fazie69.deviantart.com/art/Cho… ; )
Tiera-The-Yordle's avatar
Tiera-The-YordleHobbyist General Artist
Saw, Favorited, and is using~ Thankies! :3

Keep up the good work.
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I can't change icon = png file :(
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jdcourticeHobbyist General Artist
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