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We're out all night to get lucky

Had to get this out of my system, I've had the song on repeat for several days...
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Amazing!! La la la la Excellent job!!
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I really like how they seem to have projected themselves but aren't fully done yet, hence the pixels, which makes it look freaking awesome and very fitting for the lovely Daft Punk <3
WaistDeepInThoughts's avatar
aaaaaa robot cuties < 3
i love daft punk so much oh my gosh 
ElenaMegan's avatar
This song had just won the Grammys! Love you Daft Punk! <3
sallyvanillablue's avatar
that'sLlama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]  perfectly perfect ... I love it CD Star! 
ThaVrisco's avatar
Reminds me of "Get Bloody", parody of "Get Lucky", parody of Happy Wheels, too! By Tobuscus.
RagingRaccoons's avatar
Oh man nice work :) Astonishing really :) I know how you fell i have the song on my phone and going to school i had it on repeat for the longest time :)
Gustavo-The-Taco's avatar
Good band, best song.
BonnyJohn's avatar
Love your simplistic but well thought out approach!
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I was just singing this song in my head then I came across this!
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Beautiful drawing and it's a good song!
Exlinard's avatar
Yes, this piece is completely gorgeous.
I love how you did the flashy things on their suits.
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This album is eeexceleeeennttt
Gyzery's avatar
Daft Punk forever. Waiting for this album for 8 years, I fear of being disappointed.
bencrow12's avatar
pre ordered album cant wait.
juukyu-chan's avatar
*FANGASM* This draw is too awesome! *A*
OtherGender's avatar
this need to be my wallpaper
oOlinstant0miso0soup's avatar
I'm so looking forward to this album..!! I hope they tour again soon :>
Great piece!!:)
SlixShot's avatar
How can I get a print of this?
AmoMeDi's avatar
Woooooooooooooooo! A new song made by Daft Punk :heart: Thank you so much for the title or I would have never known this :D :D

Great artwork btw ;)
hnkmr's avatar
the way you paint metal is mesmerizing. Loving the "pixelled" bits, such a good idea!
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