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Tutorial: Fay in Photoshop :B

Not so much a tutorial as a step-by-step for Music is my Radar. <3 Hope it's at least...informative! >.<
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:iconsobbingplz: oh H H MY GOD HOW 
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Thank you for sharing ^^
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How do you get such crisp brush lines? My photoshop brushes, even the hard rounds on 100% hardness are a tad fuzzy.
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thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! <3 i'm always trying to improve!
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Thanks for posting this. I've been having trouble with the soft/"painty" CG coloring for a while – everything tends to look muddy – and I haven't been able to figure out what it is I am or am not doing. The way you showed how you layer the color on the face is really eye-opening for me in this regard. I feel a lot more confident that I can fix my muddy problem now! Thank you.
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I'll have to try this out as I'm still getting used to digital--and I just adore your paint style~ The colors are so rich and lifelike.
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Thank you for the Tutorial.
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Your inking is superb!
How do you achieve that without the brush tool?
costumized brushes? :0
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You absolutely ARE skilled enough to call this a tutorial. :D Very informative!
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so good , thanks c:
awesome, I needed a tutorial of some good photoshop painting. Thank you for posting, your Awesomeness.
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I really like your painting style!
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Very informative! Thank you :tighthug:
R3D-FOX's avatar
Nice tuto- uh, I mean step-by-step process. :]
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I love your colour use.
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This is very helpful I love seeing how other people do stuff, especially coloring which just kills me every time.:D Thanks for this!
tylenol-pm's avatar
very helpful c:! ty
Swii's avatar
Incredible. It's really great seeing how you paint. Thanks! <3
:D I owe u my liiiiifffeeee I been looking around for paint photoshop tutorials an du just made my dday :D!!!!
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Thank you very much for this great tutorial!
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Nice work, Thanks for sharing. :)
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I'm usin' this tutorial right now! whee~ :D
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