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Tricks up his Sleeve

It's been a long time since I drew something with so much STUFFFFFFFF. *dies*

I hope you enjoy! @ u@''
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omg the big cat face, its so innocent and cute!! hahah

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The big cat is just.. adorable. Brilliant piece!
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This is beyond amazing! Omfg, The detail.
You're really talented <3
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The tiger is so fluffy!  And all the subdued yellow tones are lovely.
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Love, love, LOVE your style! Wow! :love:
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Beautiful lighting and coloring!
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Heheh, the tiger is adorable ^_^
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So beautiful.. Everything is so vivid, my eyes don't know where to look first!
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Wow nice, I especially love how the tiger came out! :D
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Hi! :dummy:
Your awesome picture has been featured here [link] :heart:
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The style is so nice! I love it, just as the composition and color. Great work, really!
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so cool, looks like ringmaster in Gaia = D
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I love the way you colored this! :love:
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This is well-done. The lineart is gorgeous, and I really like the overall black-and-gold theme to the color scheme. It flows very nicely. His not having any arms (or, alternately, invisible arms) is kinda trippy, as I'm sure it's supposed to be. XD It took me a bit to notice that.
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Dat Tiger <3 cutie

wow your art is so amazing
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So cool ! I love the colors, details and so much more ! :D
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Wow. There is so much to see and comment on; the details are killing me like the filaments in the light bulbs are killing me.

I'm really impressed by the anatomy on both figures. The placement of the hands are great. I feel his right thigh may be a little long, but I can't get beyond the work on the tiger. The fur is absolutely gorgeous and the highlights are simply beautiful.

Amazing work as always.
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