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The Mad Hatter

My... special take on Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter. <3

An overdone subject, I'm sure, but I dont care. ;D My tablemates and I wanted to do a series of loli-goth Alice and Wonderland prints... and it sounded like fun. <3

I tried to put a unique spin on it, anyway. Did you know that the phrase "Mad as a Hatter" came from the overexposure to mercury used to make top hats? I had no idea. I learned this while doing some research before drawing. The exposure over the years eventually gave them Mercury Poisoning, and while the Mad Hatter in the book did NOT have the illness, I thought it might be interesting to portray a Mad Hatter that was more timid and suffered from anxiety.

I've also been inspired to pay more attention to fabrics and cloth... so this was a fashion experiment. ;D I usually skimp on the clothes because I enjoy painting skin so much more. .___.
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Holy moley, he really is mad!

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Beautiful ❤Gerry
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why does his glum face look like mine though?
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If this wasn't what the Mad Hatter was supposed to be, I don't even know Alice in Wonderland anymore.

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I love this so much!! It captures Hatter so well and him being my favorite character I’m in love!!😍😍 Do you sell prints?? Because I would love to buy one!!
tron1112's avatar's like deadpool without the murder and bad language.
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I do not know why but he somehow reminds me of Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins...
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I can imagine the mad hatter doing this but I can also imagine discord from mlp doing it to but thats besides the point 

Awesome job the mad hatter is one of my favorites 
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omfg ikr like with discord and flutters tea parties it would be cute to see him pour tea in like that!
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 This is super cute! 
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he's really flexible. i envy that lol 
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I love this take on my favorite character! Well done. 
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i learned about the mercury thing yesterday while taking my ged 
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Oh, I love this so much. I ran into this yesterday and have been dredging the internet to find the original, all to say: THIS IS AMAZING!
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I wish I could pour tea that nonchalantly.
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This is amazing!:D The way you drew his feet to do that is incredible! 0.0 That must be an extremely difficult pose to draw!
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It's funny because I have this saved on my camera roll and love , now I know who made it Very nice work m8
I love this :)

I just sent you an important 'note' - I very much hope you received it (??)
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Can you draw more of him, please?

I wanna see what he's like.
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I love this and it's exactly how I'd imagine the Hatter would look if he was feeling melancholy, just being sad while doing an impossible pose, while drinking tea.
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