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Sylvari Mesmer

A quick painting of my Guildwars 2 character, because I couldn't get rid of that itch. T uT
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flamingchibi's avatar
I swear if I saw your Mesmer I'd be like "WHY ARE YOU SUCH A PRETTY ILLUSIONIST PLANT PERSON". 
Play an Asura Mesmer over here myself but I main a Sylvari Elementalist. : ) 
ChroniclerEnigma's avatar
Love the way you draw noses and chins.
ssroym's avatar
Alright lets see here. Krytan Pistol, Dryad Epaulets, (assuming you go zerks heheh) Zhed's Coat, Zhed's Gloves, and probably Zhed's Leggings too. 
Hugalot's avatar
Thats amazing :O
Could you tell me how to color like that?
I have a hard time finding a tutorial :(
Mesmers and sylvari are the best -nodnod-
Chibihalo's avatar
Gosh I know they're not the same but he looks an awful lot like Loyal from Gaia.
Anomalure's avatar
So beautiful and full of character. 
UberWaffle's avatar
oh wow~

lol i just really like his hair/leaves/whatever xD
Karinta's avatar
I like the way you drew him and the angles with which you express his "sharpness".
CitrusRobot001's avatar
SO cool...

I love the art style and the Sylvari model. :D
maddmouse's avatar
Meeeesmer and such a pretty one at that~ * U * <3
Smooshkin's avatar
oh hell that contrast :iconamgtouchplz:
Vespayik's avatar
What a lovely design!
LaCabezaDelCastor's avatar
Wonderful work! Cheers! =D
cesca-specs's avatar
Mmmmm love this!
Sagien's avatar
This makes me want to play again a bit :'o
I only played it the first month of release, got to 80 then dungeon farmed the heck out of the Svanir one...when it was broken and the boss' floor room was gone so you couldn't finish the instance lol. I wanted that outfit too much. Makes me wonder if they've improved it and put more in to make me desire playing again xd
Though, your Sylvari mesmer is far better looking than my silly thief.
Hallowrook's avatar
Amazing! I love how you do colours. And your Sylvari mesmer looks like he's up to mischief, very charming lad he is!
SocQA's avatar
Really nice drawing. Nice effect with the light butterflies. And your character wear some cool clothes
Surinen's avatar
nice drawing - - - for a woman
hallowedthings's avatar
Stupid mesmers. So damn hard to kill
ElsaKroese's avatar
I'm such a fan of this armor set :D... and Sylvaries too haha. Cool painting :D
TheShadowHatter's avatar
hey that's not an Asura Warrior ;)

but yes amazing piece...better keep your [Time Warp] ready for me :p
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