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Scout vs Snipah


But Scout's probably dead.
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Those hips built different!

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basically a scout when he sees a sniper in a top place of the map
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Whoa.. Scout looks.. ouo
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Scout's hips and abs tho
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Scouts hips be on fleek!
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Scout's hips though...
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Scouts hips are just.....woah O.O they be....I don't know.......kind of sexy lol XD 
hey im going to use this artwork for my profile pic on youtube until i make my own
is that okay i love your artworks
i will make sure people view your artworks :D
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woah that's so cool
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did you use a specific brush in this? it's awesome.
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this is amazing
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D'oh look at his little abs! XD
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I see where this is going
*tabs out to look at every single scout/snipah fanfic ever*
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