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Music is my Radar


has always been an entertainer, but I've decided to make him a musician. No doubt influenced by my renewed passion for playing the violin. I haven't really played in about four or five years, which is a long time since I've practically been studying since the first grade.

I took lots of progress shots with this one, so I may assemble a tutorial for this piece.

Cookies to those who recognize the title. <3
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I love his ears
His ears are wonderful
Seraphoid's avatar
(tutorial) please do!
nupao's avatar
This has been in the gallery since 2007 :roll:
alunawulf's avatar
i loves it! play for me plz? :)
BummerForShort's avatar
Ah, les music a la male.

C'est magnificent.
Blur! Love the pic. Love the band, too.
Requiem7's avatar
I Really like your style! :D I think your my new art hero! XD any chance of you giving me a few pointers? ^^;...a tip?...or a comment even?...>.> a glance?
I love the motion put into this. ^ ^
Antonious-Block's avatar
Great colors and style. I enjoy look at this work a lot!
kinkei's avatar
this is trully awesome!
shydoh's avatar
you really got me seein you~~

i love that song
and amazing picture
Graeci-loo's avatar
Oh I love this so much!
I've been loving your colors and poses for a while now, even though I just joined dA. They're so expressive and detailed and everything else I'm not=p. I'm a viola player myself,btw. Not the same instrument, but still.
Hope to be in contact with you somehow, most likely fanart :handshake:
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The lyrics that fits with image would be:

''And It's you
Who puts me in the
Magic position, darling''

If you're listened song from Patrick Wolf, I guess you will know why :D :D :D
karymarie's avatar
Mind if I draw some fanart? :D
fayrenpickpocket's avatar
omg. i'd have to be nuts to say no. ; o;

your style is so cute btw. <3
karymarie's avatar
yay, thanks so much. for the watch too. :heart:
yaoumei's avatar
Love those colors.
ChocolateCello's avatar
don't remember if i already commented on this - but the colours! violin! mood! oh my
11-BlueNails-16's avatar
VIOLIN IS LOVE. <33333 I like the colors in this one. :D Very nice. It looks very... excited and passionate and energetic. His ears are hawt too. xD
windswraith's avatar
awesome! Great colors, I love your style ^^
EL80's avatar
original style
mediaATTAK's avatar
I've been lookin' at this one for sometime now, really love the colors, they kinda have a fluorescent glow to them, and the pose is great too, MAN! I wish I could draw like this... :(
Yellow-Picture's avatar
Wohoo, love this, forme this is a very cute patrick Wolf with a really heavy tan^__^:heart: *luv*
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