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Loyal Umbrella

A doodle that got carried away. Another crosspost from my tumblr!

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AeruShan's avatar
This is pretty sweet. It's like I saw Jack the trickster in mid jump, running away from his latest mischievous deeds. Awesome~
xxScarletdragonxx's avatar
Ringmaster <3 <3 <3 <3 He's my fave behind Liam!
CoatTails's avatar
Great style. Nice contrast with the background and I love the small details. :3
Caliphos's avatar
Huzzah, the Ringmaster! He probably is/had my favorite CI item; that jacked is to die for.
Merrygate-Quantum's avatar
ah, I have so much love for Loyal! We need more of him on Gaia!
The pink really makes the picture pop out. I also noticed his eyes switched!
SharpAce's avatar
Fantastic work as always!
eshkenazi's avatar
Awww...the Ringmaster. <3 I love his spats and slender ankles. :lol:
fishy-kun's avatar
Is he... just clothes? I don't see a torso! :O
Kaleidosaurus's avatar
His eyes switched sides XD
Goodness I'm a fangirl of him. <3 I've drawn him more times than I'm willing to post. O_O
Excellent work. ^_^
cirielle's avatar
Ringmaster! I miss that guy on Gaia, I gotta draw him D':
pandafox-xaviar's avatar
Oh my lord, he's so beautiful :iconcraiplz:
I love his colors so much :heart:
Emaretto's avatar
I've missed both you and your sister so much. Thanks for posting!! The colors are so fun and subdued on here. Great job with the little pink accents.
zambicandy's avatar
I love him so much *__* Those legs are so lovely and I really like the spiraling fabric!
DisorientedJester's avatar
ohhhh those ankles <33
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