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Im a Spy

Omygod. Trying to get something out that's halfway decent while you're sick is so hard. I still don't thing I managed to capture the hawtness that is the Team Fortress 2 Spy. Because there is so much hawt there....


I'm on Dayquil! 8D
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that spy is a spy!
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i wuv ur prophile pic XD
xXJennieFoxXx's avatar
Welcome XS I can't XD
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Was relooking through my favorites. This is still my favorite spy pic ever eve
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If I was a Hat Man...
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Sim Gretina it for song. And it was GREAT!!! Exhalent job. I'm gonna add this to my background collection if you don't mind...
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Like a real Gentleman
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'You know who else loves TF2 Spy? ...MAI MAWM!!!'

Said the Scout.
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..he looks younger then in the game, but it's a great image!
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this picture is awesome. very awesome
i couldn't describe how bad-ass he is.
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He looks mighty fine <3
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Been searching the source on this piece. Really wonderful!
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I believe i am on fire...
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