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Skies of Arcadia fanart that I drew AGES ago. Like... and I do mean ages. I think I actually drew this over a year ago. And I've intended on coloring it so many times, but I think my computer crashed when I was halfway done and then I gave up. But it was probably a blessing in disguise coz MAN the drawing was TERRIBLE. It truly was a testament to how crappy I was a year ago. So I fixed up a lot of the anatomy and threw on some new colors. :heart:

I was always a fan of this game, even though it was nothing epic, new, or amazing. It was fun, and the main character wasn't an angsting bishy with past troubles. He was just a boy. A happy boy, with a father, a mother, and a home. It was very refreshing. Vyse is awesome. As is Aika. <3 YAH I PAIRED THEM UP, LEEEMME ALONE! X3

I don't think they had photo booths in Skies of Arcadia, but if they did.... they would be so cute. ; 3;
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It's OK my Friend.

You are not alone on shipping them.

In fact, from the Skies of Arcadia of Gamecube, and Vyse interactions with Aika and Fina, it's appear he put himself into a type of LOVE TRIANGLE.