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Death Battle Idea- Travis Touchdown VS Alice Lidde by FaygoManiac413 Death Battle Idea- Travis Touchdown VS Alice Lidde :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 0 0 What if Sailor Moon had a crossover with PMMM by FaygoManiac413 What if Sailor Moon had a crossover with PMMM :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 2 2 Alice Angel sings TVCTMAWWFA from No More Heroes  by FaygoManiac413 Alice Angel sings TVCTMAWWFA from No More Heroes :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 3 0 What if Ulala was in Space Patrol Luluco by FaygoManiac413 What if Ulala was in Space Patrol Luluco :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 1 0
(BATIM X No More Heroes Song Fic) Philistine
[Alice:] Goddess,goddess that's what people call me. Why?
'Cause they all DIE! When I sing I end their lives. You act as though saving him makes you a noble man. Is that a fact? Well you are a goddamm philistine! [2×]
Requiem aeternum, slashes right through the sternum. Lullaby to hell baby, Reaper's got your name.
Alice is German, you moron, it means noble, i'm a celebrity. Boys cannot crack this oyster shell, so go on, whip around the axe of yours like you're the best. Another hero? Oh please. [2×]
Requiem aeternum, the goddess  has come, sinner.
Thigh high boots are absolute territory, go on and drool, the errand boy can't ressist. You think the the fire in your eyes makes you a tiger in disguise? Dream on you goddamm pussy!
Goddess, goddess that's what they call me. Why? 'cause they all die. When I sing I end their lives. You act as though saving him makes you a noble man? Well you are a goddamm philistine!
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 0 0
(Creepypasta)Panty And Stocking-Rescue Mission
Now i'm sure some people may of heard of the anime, Panty & Stocking. If you don't what Panty and Stocking is an anime that is based on adult cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, American Dad,ETC. The cartoon revolves around two girls, Panty and Stocking, Panty is a blonde sporting a red dress and some heels, Panty uses a weapon made from her panties, being  dual pistols. Panty is also a sex addict and usually appears as a celebrity, Stocking is Panty's sister who sports a maid outfit, some blue hair with pink  highlights with a blue bow and blue and black stockings which she uses for combat, where stockings turn into dual swords, she is also obssesed with sugar. Now to have you know that I actually just got into the show, and currently on Episode 9, and as if some people may know, the show only is on it's one season and it's unkown if the series is going to have a sequel. But if I told that there actually exists a season 2? Now I am sure some of you may not believe me for s
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 2 3
A Groovy Challenger Aproaches! by FaygoManiac413 A Groovy Challenger Aproaches! :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 1 1 World Fusion Meme- Into the future! by FaygoManiac413 World Fusion Meme- Into the future! :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 2 0
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World-Killer Ending
Hi my name is Zachary, I am a big fan of  all things gaming. I am also a fan of a movie called Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, if you don't know what the movie is here is a quick synopsis. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is a movie about a boy named Scott impressing his crush Ramona Flowers by defeating 7 evil exes. Now a little thing is that some people may remember an alternate ending where Scott and Ramona part ways as friends and he soon reunites with Knives Chau. However though what if I told you that there is another ending to the film. It was believed that this ending actually hasn't been filmed. Well I am going to tell you one thing. So one day I was browsing the internet for any copies of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and soon I found a copy of the film that is said to contain an alternate ending. Now I actually at first knew it was the ending where  Scott and Ramona parted ways but I actually decided to purchase the copy of the film. After two days the copy arrived on my front
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 1 0
Fragments Of The Universe Letimotifs
Six- Can't really think of a motif for Six so yeah..
Happy Appy- Happy Appy theme
David- (Fallen Down)- Camp Camp theme (Heartache) Better then You
Alice Angel- Angel of the stage
Vriska- Megalovania
Tord- Edd's Crappy Song
Mokey- Steamboat Willie theme
Rick- Get Schwifty mixed in with the Rick and Morty theme
NiGHTS- (It's Showtime) Message from Nightopia (Metal Crusher) Final of Puyo (Since the fact that the quiz show is actually replaced with a mini game based on Puyo Puyo) (Death by Glamour) NiGHTS and Reala
Mr Chau- Sushi Box
Haltmann- The Noble Haltmann
Pinkamena- Cupcakes theme
Megalos (Megalosans) Faceache:        (Megalochara):
J U S T   M O N I K A:
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 2 0
BATIM Headcannon Voices
Bendy: A bit of a South Park-esqe voice
Boris: Pete The Hamster's voice of Boris.
Singing Voice Headcannons:
Boris: Can't really think of any
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 0 0
Demonz Logo (BATIM X Gorillaz AU) by FaygoManiac413 Demonz Logo (BATIM X Gorillaz AU) :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 1 12
She's My Collar- Bendy X Alice (BATIM X Gorillaz)
[Verse 1: Bendy/2D]
If I could take her down, you know I
would call her
Cause she's standing drama,she know i'll call her
She getting on the sun and then she order
Imagine me, imagine me now
I don't take her number, just don't think I'd call her
I take her down to somewhere dreadin' all day
I clear my system, I don't need no other
This is my persona secret lover (She's my collar)
Nothing to be justified in
Just one thing, you should feel nada
I know she lies alone, she's my caller
I sense her in my mind she's my collar
[Verse 2: Bendy/2D]
She's the serpentine, she's my collar
I send a message never call her
And now I want to taste another
And it's safe in a persona, she's my collar
Nothing to be justified in
She's the first i'm runnin' with
She the one that get my collar
She the one i'm runnin' with
[Chorus: Bendy/2D]
She's the one i'm runnin' with
She's the one i'm runnin' with
She's the one i'm runnin' with
She's my collar
[Verse 3: Alice Angel/Kali Uchis]
I'm yellow he's blue
It's n
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 1 8
Fragments Of The Universe Logo by FaygoManiac413 Fragments Of The Universe Logo :iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 5 2
(Creepypasta) Scott Pilgrim Vs The World-Murderer
So Scott has finally defeated all the evil exes and now it is time to win Romana's heart. But soon he started to notice that everything seems to be flickering like a cartridge being tilted, he started noticing blood on his hands, and knife in one hand. He freaked out. "WHAT THE HELL?!" "W-Where did this blood come from?", he noticed the dead bodies of all the exes all of the mangled up. "D-Did I do this..?", then suddenly Romana appeared. "Scott, what's going on?" "R-Romona?" "Why is there blood on your hands?" "Romona, it's not what it looks like..", "OH MY GOD!!" "Where did all these dead bodies come from?!,
"Oh god no.." Scott said, he teared up. "SCOTT YOU E-FFING DICK!!" Scott started tensing up and started clutching his fist. He punched Ramona in the face repeatedly. She started crying and gurgling in pain. She started screaming for help to no avail. Her body was growing weaker. She was bleeding out immensely. "I'm sorry.." Scott said softly. Scott hugged Ramona and for some reas
:iconfaygomaniac413:FaygoManiac413 3 1


Model Students by MissPaunchyPersona
Mature content
Model Students :iconmisspaunchypersona:MissPaunchyPersona 46 0
summon page 2 by Cramous
Mature content
summon page 2 :iconcramous:Cramous 417 12
Experiments (Giegue) (Earthbound) (tickling)
Earthbound is owned by Nintendo. Story belongs to me.
In a laboratory, a lone creature wakes.
His name is Giegue.
"Where am I?" Giegue asked.
"You're in captivity." A voice spoke out.
"Who are you?" Asked Giegue.
"That is not important." The voice answered.
"Let me out at once. I demand it." Giegue said.
"Negative. You will be released once we have sufficient data." A voice said.
Several probes extended from the floor and started poking at Giegue's body.
"G-get away from me!" Giegue yelled.
Two mechanical claws extended from the floor and latched onto Giegue's arms, restraining him.
He struggled against his bonds.
"What are you going to do to me?" He cried out in alarm.
No answer. Two mechanical tendrils rose up from the ground and started stroking at Giegue's underarms. Giegue snickered in response to this.
"W-what's this feeling?" Giegue asked, worried.
"Subject expresses ticklishness. First phase has yielded sufficient data. Beginning phase two."
Two more mechanical arms extended fr
:iconvenorico:Venorico 4 2
Groudon Tickle (feat Steve) by Carfan3 Groudon Tickle (feat Steve) :iconcarfan3:Carfan3 6 0 Marisa Tomei Tickled by Tickledgirls1996 Marisa Tomei Tickled :icontickledgirls1996:Tickledgirls1996 20 1 Marilyn's Toes Tied by dknismo
Mature content
Marilyn's Toes Tied :icondknismo:dknismo 41 4
Tickle Contest: Zairo by pleple50
Mature content
Tickle Contest: Zairo :iconpleple50:pleple50 42 8
Don't Look at me! (Mario Bros.) by Azamuku-chan Don't Look at me! (Mario Bros.) :iconazamuku-chan:Azamuku-chan 350 24 [Commission] Hell of a Show (Part 5) by Azamuku-chan
Mature content
[Commission] Hell of a Show (Part 5) :iconazamuku-chan:Azamuku-chan 115 9
Ultimate Destiny: Yoshi
Name: Yoshi
Gender: Male
Debut: Super Mario World (1990)
VA: Kazumi Totaka
Title: Mario's Noble Steed
Alternate Costume: Yarn Yoshi
Signature Stage: Yoshi's Island
Intro: A white egg with green spots drops down onscreen and hatches, revealing Yoshi, who does a happy dance.
Intro Quotes 
(Yoshi does not speak save for his 'Yoshi's')
Outro: Yoshi twirls around twice and shows off a peace sign to the camera.
Outro Quote: Yoshi!
Results Screen Quotes
(Yoshi just says a plethora of Yoshi's in his quotes)
Special Moves
Egg Lay: Yoshi lashes outward with his tongue. If it hits the opponent, Yoshi will swallow them and lay an egg with them inside, immobilizing them until it hatches. If it touches a projectile, Yoshi will swallow it and spit it back at the opponent.
Egg Roll: Yoshi envelops himself in an eggshell and rolls towards the opponent to ram them.
Egg Toss: Yoshi lays an egg and throws it at the opponent.
Yoshi Bomb: Yoshi jumps into the air and spins
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 11 2
Ultimate Destiny: Diavolo
Name: Diavolo
Gender: Male
Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (1995)
VA: Michael McConnohie (English) Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)
Title: Leader of the Passione Mafia
Alternate Costume: Doppio
Signature Stage: Naples Station
Intro: Doppio walks onscreen before turning into Diavolo and posing, summoning King Crimson to his side.
Intro Quotes
"You've seen my face..."
"Uh-oh. Someone's seen me..."
"Any pitfalls that lead to my identity, must be patched immediately!”
"I must crush my fear! Now is the time. I must overcome it right now!”
Outro: Diavolo crosses his arms as King Crimson strikes a pose.
Outro Quote: Now...You NEVER saw me.
Results Screen Quotes
"It’s the results that count! The result is the only thing that lives in infamy!"
"Lie down and just forget you ever saw me."
"Okay...Their memory should be erased...I'll have to get out of here while they're knocked out."
"Fear is something you have to crush on the palm of your hand!”
Vs. Giorno:
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 10 5
Ultimate Destiny: Bismuth
Name: Bismuth
Gender: Female
Debut: Steven Universe SE3EP20-21: Bismuth (2016)
VA: Uzo Aduba
Title: The Blacksmith of the Crystal Gems
Alternate Costume: Wedding Armor
Signature Stage: The Forge
Intro: Bismuth drops down onscreen and grins before clenching her fists and taking a fighting stance.
Intro Quotes
"Let me show you how a Crystal Gem does it."
"I might be a builder, but I'm also a fighter."
"Careful, my weapons are dangerous."
"Things are really heating up!"
Outro: Bismuth pulls a flaming sword from a lava pit and pounds the blade clean, flicking some lava off of it before resting it over her shoulder with a smirk.
Outro Quote: That's how we fought on Homeworld.
Results Screen Quotes
"Not bad. But you can do better, I'll tell ya that!"
"I'm willing to do what I have to do."
"Reminds me of old times."
"I think you need to work on your technique a little more."
Vs. Yellow Diamond: So much for the commander-in-chief of Homeworld's military forces!
Stevonnie as Teammate:
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 8 2
Yona's Captive Fate by Caroos-Dungeon
Mature content
Yona's Captive Fate :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 414 12
Four pairs of mother daughter soles by madgod72
Mature content
Four pairs of mother daughter soles :iconmadgod72:madgod72 33 0
Humiliation of the Fallen Queen by ProRaindancer
Mature content
Humiliation of the Fallen Queen :iconproraindancer:ProRaindancer 161 32
Big day for big feet by Michio-chan
Mature content
Big day for big feet :iconmichio-chan:Michio-chan 162 28



Death Battle Idea- Travis Touchdown VS Alice Lidde
"The ego is a dangerous thing."~Jamie Hewlett

onTravis' quest of getting out of the Death Drive Mrk II, he soon stumbles across wonderland, and the boss at the end of the stage just so happens to be none other than Alice herself.

Travis Touchdown belongs to Suda51

Alice Liddell belongs to American Mcgee.

The template was from imgflip.
The original deviation has been deleted…


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I am a trashy fandom junkie who is awesome and I am in many fandoms and I like a certain Spidet 8itch and she's mine! So yeah enventually I will know how to art because I suck at it.


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