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DBM chap 53 : Balancing the fighters!

Cover for the 53rd chapter of DBM :

Drawing by Asura
Color by me

Other DBM work:…
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Best blockbuster joke ever lol
TurningOverANewWord's avatar
I don't think a flamethrower is going to do much good against Cooler. . . Great image though. Perfect throwback.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Cold* ;) not Cooler ^^ and Yes, great Artwork ;)
Kcil's avatar
Oh my God that is f****** AWESOME!
haai1717's avatar
Beautiful cover
Fayeuh's avatar
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Great collab guys!  Beautiful work!  I was confused by this cover b/c I thought that they were going back to Cold v. Bra but I'm still loving this cover! Wait, the child is Bra?!  I thought it was Mirai Trunks?!  Her purple hair confused me.  I was wondering why Mirai Trunks look a little like a girl...b/c she is a girl...hehe.  It still would've worked if it was Mirai Trunks & his future though ;) (Wink) .  Wonderful job!Clap 
Fayeuh's avatar
Yes it's Bra, not Trunks ^^

Thanks =)
lilc77's avatar
Okay, got it.  Thanks!  

Youre welcome:D (Big Grin) 
BH-Ouji's avatar
Who's that blue haired woman? It can't be Bulma, Bulma's manga hair is purple
Fayeuh's avatar
It's Bulma and her hair is purple (darken than Bra's hair, but purple). Blue is for light reflection.
BH-Ouji's avatar
Oh i see. Thanks faye san
Fayeuh's avatar
You're welcome =)
JuanchoDLN's avatar
GREAT! Excellent 
Fayeuh's avatar
SchalePetri's avatar
Best. Cover. Ever. ;)
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sophhiee's avatar
👌💯Amazing work and now I wanna cry!😭 This timeline is sad af.
sophhiee's avatar
Bra is so cute!!
Xman34's avatar
Tes couleurs sont plus contrasté qu'avant.
Tu t'approche de plus en plus des aplats.
Ca rend trés bien bravo.
serenade87's avatar
Amazing! Makes DBS look amateurish.
RT912's avatar
'Get away from her, you BITCH!' 


Couldn't help myself there, looks really amazing. :XD:
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