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DBM chap 51: The new abilities of fusion

Cover for the 51st chapter of DBM :

Drawing by Asura
Color by me

Other DBM work:…
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Aladdin in dragon ball z form lolz
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Ultimate Buu : Now state your wishes, i shall grant 3
Pan : I wish to have my dad's uber mystic powers
Bra : I wish for Bojack to STFU and have him vommit blood every 10 minutes
Gotenks : I wish for my design from DBH to be erased from existence forever
Ultimate Buu : Your wishes are granted, farewell
Uub : What about my wish? Waaaah! 
Bra : What about your wishMeow :3 
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Where did all these Dragon Quest merchants come from?
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The question now is...What to do?

- Dragon Ball Z Parody of "Arabian Nights"
- or Buu Parody of "Friend like Me" ?
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That's pretty good. Laughter 
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I love how you use the colors in this cover ^^
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you're welcome =D
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Terrible le dessin et la coloration, ça va me faire un beau fond d'écran! ma couverture préférée de DBM
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Contente de savoir qu'elle sert de fond d'écran =)
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Îs this a homage to Aladin? :D
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Well i think the fusion dance characters have arabic feel to it
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Yes ! Uub have Aladdin's clothes. Buu is like Disney's Genie, and background atmosphere inspired by the Cave of Wonder's in Disney's movie.
Bra have Bulma's clothes, and Pan have Marle's clothes (Chrono Trigger).
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Buu IS a genie, Majin can also mean genie, so yeah Vegeta turned into a genie by becoming Majin Vegeta
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Really cool, I thought so :D Nice thing that you included all the details with the clothes from other character, really nice job.
Only downside is me imagining Zen Buu with  Robin William's voice from now on xD
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I love how Pan resembles Marle from Chrono Trigger in that outfit. Great work Asura and Fayeuh. :thumbsup:
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Exellent collaboration! Drawing, colors, details, setting... 10/10
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Hey, it's Roketto from DBM!  Nice job on the colors here, they're really warm & match the theme very well.  It's probably one of my favorite covers so far.
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Thanks ! =)
Asura give me good examples for the atmosphere. (and sorry for my english...)
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