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DBM chap 28 : Sayans

By Fayeuh
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Cover for the 28th chapter of DBM : [link]

Drawing by Gogeta Jr
Color by me

Other DBM work : [link]
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I guess they don't appreciate Kakarott's singing.
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lemme guess, he killed every member of Frieza's race?... he really is missing some screws...  as he really went loco in the coco with this guys.

hey kakarott, what are you, insayan?

by the way, nice coloring, all in shades of red and yellow.
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what program did you paint this in paint tool sai?
Fayeuh's avatar
Photoshop CS4 =)
grim-zitos's avatar
cool you did a great job my friend what about the line art :D
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Why do they look so surprised?
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Probaly because they thought that Kakarotto couldn't handle it, or maybe he wasn't supposed to.
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Or maybe they just don't appreciate his singing.
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Man, I've been this Invested in a Fan made Dragon Ball Story Ever. It puts DBGT to Utter Shame by a LONG Mile, something that I would watch on TV and/or in Theatre and I feel is the Ultimate 'What If' Story.

You are a Genius.
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O my hahaha xD
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I always thought of this pic as "What if Goku took Raditz offer to join him?"
Espeon804's avatar
I don't know why I'm replying to a almost 5 year old comment...

But I actually wrote a fic about it...
Mortualia's avatar
gnahaha.. the faces :D
KetsuoTategami's avatar
nice coloring, one of the best chapters covers, definitely
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I said it in the comments, & I'll say it again here...this is one of the best DBM chapter covers to date.
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I so love this cover! Exellent job on the coloring... the reddish tones give a creepy feeling on this (as if Kakarots laughing and the corpses weren't enough...)
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très belle colorisation de page ;p
sans toi cela serait plus pareil, a chaque nouveau chapitre je suis heureux de voir une colo de grande qualité :clap:
pour une fois j'aime pas trop comment tu a fait l'effet sang sur les mains de kakarotto :no: le rendu est mieux sur les cadavres.
cela prouve que même très haut niveau ont a toujours des chose a apprendre.
pagina con colores divinos, me gusta mucho felicidades
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Quelle couverture sensationnelle. J'adore le thon rouge.
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j'aime beaucoup kakarotto , superbe colos, bravo faiyeuh
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HI! I love the new chapter cover! Just one question. On the DBM page, it says: The Warrior with Murderous Madness, but here: [link] it says "Chapter 28: The warrior who used to run amok"... what does it mean?!?
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I noticed the changing on the title 4 days ago... seems there is the old title still floating abound...
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Thanks !
I don't know :/
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tjrs aussi beau. jai beaucoup aime le ton bleu de lautre couv et jaime bcp le ton rouge de celle ci! encore un magnifique travail d equipe. il y aurait il moyen de voir la version non colo?
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