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DBM Chap 66: Budokai Royale 3: Ultimate warriors

Cover for the 66th chapter of DBM :

Drawing by Asura
Color by me

Other DBM work:…
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Salut, tes colos sont toujours aussi fantastique !!! :D bravo à toute l'équipe! il s'en est passé des choses et j'ai pu regarder l'intégralité d'un coup de DBM c'est cool que ça continue encore!!!

PS: c'est gohan_san ;)
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Salut ! Merci !
J'me souviens de toi :D
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I have to say it. DBM is the best DBZ sequel. The characters are believable, the story is solid, the action is fantastic, and most of all: POWER LEVELS ARE CONSISTENT!!

Seriously, I am so tired of Super making godly powers feel underwhelming. DBM makes sure that things make sense. SSJ3 lasting a shorter time and consuming energy quickly makes it so that level of might is a last resort.

Also Gohan is useful. He's not fodder like super made him into.
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1.*cough* U20 Broli, U13 Cacarrot and U9 Kurilin *cough*
2.Yeah i hate Super too
3.Sup cous
4.Sadly, once Raditz becomes a mystic pansy, i shall part ways with :iconsalagir:, i wanted to do that when U16 Pan would be revived but the manga became so cool i stayed
5.Gohan's design reminds me of this guy…
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No sigh of the mockery of Raditz - Mystic Raditz, that's good

I wonder how the hot babe Videl would fair againts majin Cell jr
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Cooler: Oh shoot... form 6 is back... I better get a reform thing
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He's dead bro :(
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I know. But I'm not gonna stop hoping he'll come back and join the winning team.
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Yeah would be cool
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I can see Cooler becoming an Anti Hero.
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Oh and now i want FLazuli to be a park ranger too, unlike her d*ckness brother, FLazuli is kinda cool
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aka Android 18
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