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★ fayeskies ★

Lvl2 by Esk-Masterlist

Player Level
Level 3 (Sprout)

Next Level ▶ Level 4

Aura Points
325 AP  small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist


♦ Aeon - [#1712 Esk Tracker] Aeon
♦ Naru - [#2413 Esk Tracker] Naru
♦ Dragon - [#3073 Esk Tracker] Dragon


- Already claimed nursery starter
- Wellsprings wish granted
- Wellsprings wish 2 granted

Spring Water by Esk-Masterlist Wobble plant by Esk-Masterlist Seeker's notebook by Esk-Masterlist Old Tarot Card by Esk-Masterlist

★ History ★

♦ Created Player Profile on 1/26/18
♦ Received Aeon on 10/20/18
♦ Received Naru on 4/13/19

★ Artwork ★

(will be updated with the breakdowns soon Q_Q)
♦ +25 AP

♦ +25 AP

Esk Chibis
♦ +50 AP

♦ +50 AP

♦ +15 AP

♦ +15 AP

♦ +15 AP

Old Soul
♦ +90 AP…
♦ +10 AP

♦ +15 AP

bday verli
♦ +15 AP

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(cross posted from my TH)

HI I'm trying really hard to get rid of some characters I don't use, and I've added a few more. Please make sure to read through the whole post, and check out my "seeking" list. As a heads up, I'm fairly busy, and I likely won't respond unless I'm interested! Some characters can be resold, and I'd prefer USD, but you're welcome to offer characters instead (or art, if applicable). I have things sorted into categories, so please don't offer art on anyone in the "trade only" category! I'm not super picky on any of the "art or trades" characters.


♦ I'm Seeking the Following...

  • HQ dragon/wyvern designs

  • Pouflons, vespires, and elyvians

  • Bellacoste items and coins

  • Lunerest species

  • Celestial Seas species

  • Woolynes

  • Elnins and kittoms

  • Esks (please make sure they can be traded for non TWWM species!)

  • Artwork

  • USD/vouchers

  • I also love designs by the following artists:

  • Alaeries/Verlidaine, Keydemon, Cy/corowne, Crowlets, Sacchim, Frankyvixen, Mirrorly, Leek, Kel-Del, Kassillea, HeavenDeluxe, Manaberri, Chickolates, and a few others!

♦ Characters for Trade Only:

♦ Characters for Trade OR Art

Thank you!! Comment here, send me a TH dm, or a discord dm (northfarer there too) if you're interested! 3 way trades are perfectly fine.

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Well, that's it. I hate what dA has become, and their recent AI bullshit this week is the last straw. I decided to not post anymore artwork here a while back but I still left my gallery intact, but now I'm just nuking everything. Deviantart can have fun choosing their AI people over actual human artists. I hope karma bites them in the ass when AI gets (hopefully) regulated and they get fucked.

You can find me on Twitter (main), Toyhouse (main), Discord, Instagram, all Lorekeeper ARPGs, Bluesky, Patreon, Tumblr, and everywhere else as northfarer. I post most of my work to Twitter and various ARPG servers on discord. I'll probably use TH as my main base of operations for character trading, announcement type stuff, commissions, etc going forward.

It's a shame because I was thinking about biting the bullet and just posting my stuff here again a few weeks back. But this is just a reminder that dA doesn't care about art, they care about money and shady business practices. I'll keep this account up in case stuff changes, but I won't be posting anything other than text posts anymore.

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I made a Patreon! You can still see my artwork on my Twitter, but I usually only post bigger polished pieces. You'll be able to see everything I do on my Patreon, though! People in the dragon tier will get access to a monthly art raffle, comms that are always open, the occasional timelapse, and some freebies like bases or brushes I might make. ovob It'd mean a lot to me if you'd check it out!

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As a reminder, I don't post my art here anymore really, but you can follow me on my Twitter!


ANYWAY I have this esk that I'm really having trouble connecting with. They come with a few art pieces as well, which can be found here.

I'm only seeking esk swaps! I'm specifically looking for pre-made esks, either normal esks or abnormals. I am very picky with esks so I apologize in advance! T^T I would consider trading her for an abnormal tf, however I'd be looking for someone who could also offer to design them as well.

I'll be out of town until Tuesday, so I won't get the chance to take a peek at any comments until then. Thank you! ovo/

You can leave a comment, or you can dm me on discord (northfarer)!

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I'll be opening commissions soon! Keep an eye out this week if you're interested!

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[#2413 Esk Tracker] Naru by northfarer, journal

Hinnies Player Tracker by northfarer, journal

Curio Tracker by northfarer, journal

placeholder by northfarer, journal

Woolynes Tracker by northfarer, journal