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I hate deviantart's stance on AI. I will no longer be posting my art here at all. Find me elsewhere!

My name is Gee! I'm an illustrator and a visual development artist, and I like fantasy, worldbuilding, and telling stories.

Please send me a message on discord for any commission inquiries, thank you!

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Well, that's it. I hate what dA has become, and their recent AI bullshit this week is the last straw. I decided to not post anymore artwork here a while back but I still left my gallery intact, but now I'm just nuking everything. Deviantart can have fun choosing their AI people over actual human artists. I hope karma bites them in the ass when AI gets (hopefully) regulated and they get fucked. You can find me on Twitter (main), Toyhouse (main), Discord, Instagram, all Lorekeeper ARPGs, Bluesky, Patreon, Tumblr, and everywhere else as northfarer. I post most of my work to Twitter and various ARPG servers on discord. I'll probably use TH as my main base of operations for character trading, announcement type stuff, commissions, etc going forward. It's a shame because I was thinking about biting the bullet and just posting my stuff here again a few weeks back. But this is just a reminder that dA doesn't care about art, they care about money and shady business practices. I'll keep this