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sia doodles

some doodles of my sia
I don't really have a name but her original design was spider lily inspired
so maybe I'll go with Lily...
The pink dress is inspired by her original outfit.
The other dress looks way too much like a wedding dress but it's not. 
Not sure if I am completely happy with the minty color or if I should have gone with the pink...
Also I really want to draw other sia someone should be her friend
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I just love her in your Style I'm so happy she has so much love.

The outfits look amazing

I also would be happy to offer any of my babes for friends for her
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yess, I'd love to befriend her with one of yours
You have a list of all the sia you own??
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Yes I do! Their profiles aren't done buuut:…
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aaaah perfect <3 and so many :la: