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Bloody Monday: The Falcon

EDIT: I have a series of artworks going to be posted. The first of the series is Fayari Productions: Fire Lord. Please check it out. Also, I think I might take Bloody Monday down. END EDIT

Codename: The Falcon
Real Name: Takagi Fujimaru

This high school kid is the *cough* internet-junkie *cough*, I mean, "genius hacker" from the series Bloody Monday. If you haven't already, please check the series out.

I really like this guy's eyes, don't you? They turn cat-like when he does his computer genius thing to take down assasins and terrorists. He gets that trait from his father, Takagi Ryunosuke, who is the vice captain of the counterterrorist organization "Third I". With a computer, he has the world's technology under his command, and helps his father's organization stop and capture terrorists and the like by hacking onto the enemy databases and leaking their plans.

I tried for the Matrix theme, and even tried to reflect the Matrix in his right eye, but I decided to make this sort of Alchemic Circle kind of thing instead. I'm pretty happy with it anyway. By the way, he's supposed to have yellow eyes, I think, but I just made it green to match the theme.

Urg... I had too much to drink while making this. I sounded so faggotty that I just had to delete my previous comments. No one reads this stuff anymore anyway so... yeah.

PS. Try to find my name in the background!
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i am so in love with this manga series~