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So, Summer finally discovered her tongue. And it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She sticks her tongue out and tries to look at it, but she can't. So she'll try to grab it and look at it. This, as expected, doesn't work. But she hasn't given up. Maybe one day she'll finally see her tongue =p
People say that there's WW3 fears. I deny all of them and say that we're already in WW3 and have been since 9/11.
What's better?
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Has the 30 - 1 series changed negatively or positively?
I'm just looking through them and it seems like the main character has.. Changed his personality.
And, in my opinion, it's for the worst.
I'll explain when the series is over.
"Mom Thwarts Would-Be Carjacker by Shooting Him in the Head While He Tried to Steal Car with Her Children Inside"
She prevents a crime, by committing a crime.
She's now regarded as a hero.
Her kids have to deal with life-long trauma.
See why guns are fucking stupid?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... IT WAS IN A FUCKING GAS STATION!
She could've done WAY more harm than "good" (whatever good came out of this)



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Oh yay, another school shooting. What's happening about it? Fuck all. People across the world are beginning to plead for America to put down their guns.
When will the gun laws be changed? Never. It's not happening. It will always be rejected. So many Americans have their gun-loving heads shoved so far up their ass that they just don't see what's happening.
'Guns don't kill people. People do.' Yes, but they used a GUN to kill.
"‘When will they love their kids more than their guns,’ an Australian priest asks Americans." Never. As sad as the truth is, America needs to realise it to be able to become a safer country.
Wake up, America. Your Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was signed on December 15th 1791, back when guns took a solid 40 - 60 seconds to reload and, by today's standards, seen as useless.

Here's a video explaining what's wrong with the Musket. Not the most high quality one, but one of the better ones I could find.

Modern day guns? I'd say they're a bit more like this.

See any difference? Because I see several major differences.

I'm getting so sick of seeing another school shooting every year because the President and the people can't pull their head out of their ass. Seriously. Get a grip. "Oh, the murder rate in America is so high." I wonder why. Seriously. Fuck off with your "IT'S IN OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!" bullshit and get a grip on reality.


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