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midnight melancholy

Better done then perfect, and someone might like it :)
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Is this free to use??
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Hey I hope its okay that I use your amazing pixel art in one of my videos. I'll obviously credit you!
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i like it is epic
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omg. Good job bro
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i like it a lot! Your are getting better and better by the second. Tell me all your secrets <3
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All of them ;)??

Nah but seriously, for the most part i just compare my work to my favorite artists and see what they do better than me. And then i just do what they do better than me, if that makes sense :p.  I hope that helps <3

(Maybe i'll try to make a youtube video about some tricks, probably not :p)
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It does make a lot of sense. I should do this also more often. Often I get lazy and just finish my "product" before going back and rethinking steps. You are putting a lot of thought in your work and I like that <3

A youtube vid would be amazing. I love doing and watching them <3 I am watching so many speed drawing that at some point I feel guilty for not making them myself hahha I should do more thought! 
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I'm getting lazier at finishing products myself :).What I found to be a nice trick is to leave the finished piece for a few days. when you come back to it you'll find a good amount of thing to refine. then just add a few touches each day for some time. 

It would also really nice to see a youtube videos from you <3. your drawing and anatomy is amazing, would you mind sharing some of your secretsLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]
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I am always afraid of leaving my images too long un-uploaded, I might decide otherwise and get rid of it instead of bettering it x.x it is a habit of mine O.O

I actually do have a youtube channel but damn I didn't realise that my vids are THIS old!…
I should SRSLY update again but I always feel as if I am just not ready yet and just need to practice another piece, always telling myself that the next image is gonna be the one that I record and upload............. My last anime vid is 3 years old O.O I am going to reconsider procrastinating this whole thing. I will add it to my todo list. I will be uploading soon (hopefully). I am doing a lot of pixel art, voxel and low poly stuff at the time, I might be uploading some of those but I am new to all the programs I am currently using so it still might take a little while.

Do you have videos? I would honestly love to see your workflow<3
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Really digging the blue tone it has, you always seem to pull off color tones so well.
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thank you, most of the time i just try to add adjustments like colour balance and vibrance until i get colours i'm happy with. It's a great way to get a nice tones to your drawing ;).
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Nice, this has that Blade Runner feel to it, it's a great piece!
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Thank you ^_^
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real talk, THIS IS AWESOME! I can't believe how simplisticly complicated it is! and the buildings in the back look great while not standing out as much as it should to distract from the lights!

aaaaa~! it's so pretty~!
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Thank you, i'm glad you liked it ^^
gorgeous! the pixel art leaves so much to the imagination, I wonder whats going on inside one of those lightened apartment buildings :)

really atmospheric! hope to see more of this stuff
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I really love it :0
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