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Hello i love this wonderful work of art! 
Can i use this as a background please? ♥
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could you please say what program you use to create your pixelart? or if you find time could you maybe make a tutorial of some sort? since I've tried to get into pixelart but haven't figured out how to for neither photoshop nor Paint tool sai q-q and your work is absolutely stunning I adore it. :)
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awsome and crazy work here
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I love how peaceful and relaxing your work is :)
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What is the program you use?
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nice moody work
Do you use any refs? 
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Not for this one i think. I used to have a lot of ref, but stopped when i felt i could do well without it.
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This is awesome!!!
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It's amazing, how long does it take to make these
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Thank you. I think it takes like 20 hours maybe
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Wow your art is fantastic O.O
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This is just amazingly beautiful qAq <3
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Man you are the best.
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this is so amazing wow
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no problem  Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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You get better every day it seems
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