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concrete antlers

Something else for a change :)

Critique and Feedback is highly appreciated  

edit: uploaded final version of painting
edit 2: color correction 
edit 3: color correction
edit 4: clean up :)
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I wouldn't even know what critique to give. You used multiple light sources, perspective is correct, you even used blur, the coloration itself is very style driven so I couldn't make much of a comment there either. I really like the house towers, do you know :iconfeigiap: Just got an artbook from him/she and love it. I think you might like the gallery. 

What program are you using? PS? Did you use a filter like sharpen or something like this? I am not using PS myself so I don't know the names ^^°
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Hey thanks for the feedback (✿◠‿◠)

I love fei giap, he's one of my favorite artists *-*. I was thinking about getting he's artbook as well, but wasn't sure if i should get it. I'm totally gonna get it now though :3.

And also I'm using photoshop :). For the blur i used the field blur tool with a lot of grain. I also used the poster edges and the cutout filter. If your work looks really washed out, these filters make it look sharper. It's kind of a cheap work around but it does the job :)
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You should really get it. Not only is it hardcover but it is the most amazing artbook I currently posses. It has so many extras and the packaging is very professional. The whole setup is better than of all my other artbooks made by professionals and companies. Really crazy. I wonder how he did that! It is definitively worth the money. I still wonder how he managed to have it this cheap. 

Yeah, I did use those "sharpening" filters as well back when I used PS. But currently I prefer to draw with a lot of clean spaces and sharpening often does not have any effect when the artwork already is rather clean. I gotta get my hands back on PS tho =)
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Love it so much!
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This is such a neat idea! I would love to see more in a series like this. Very well executed, too :)
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Thank you (✿◠‿◠). I might make a series of these, but the last 4 I made either turned out bad or the drawing file broke :/. I put up some of the bad ones here though, if you are interested :)
Such an awesome idea to combine portrait with your cities. Love this Clap Clap Clap 
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Thank you, I'm very glad that someone liked it Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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I like this. There's a strong sense of depth in your layers of paint which really gives the piece a sense of dimension. Especially in her hair.
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Thank you ^_^
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